Thursday, June 8, 2017

Care-Flare: Essential Roadside Safety

It’s a dangerous truth: Crashes involving pulled-over vehicles are an all-too-common occurrence, usually with deadly consequences – especially to first responders. Each year, almost 350,000 parked- or disabled-vehicle crashes occur in the U.S. alone, which averages 507 fatalities and over 30,000 injuries. These deaths can be prevented with a modern, innovative solution: the Care-Flare LED Flare, a professional-grade tool that can easily be the difference between avoiding a potentially fatal vehicle crash or dealing with the devastating effects of one. Here’s why:

Care-Flare LED Flare

Representing the future of emergency-roadway safety, LED flares are rapidly becoming a go-to tool when working on-scene, worldwide. The intuitive-to-use Care-Flare LED Flare offers quick deployment and heightened visibility even when faced with the most extreme-weather conditions, including -40-degree-Fahrenheit cold and 104-degree-Fahrenheit heat.

Care-Flare LED Flare

Perfect for use when tapering lanes and warning oncoming traffic in a safe, effective, user-friendly way, the Care-Flare LED Flare offers a number of advantages over combustible flares, which are challenging to handle, burn at high temperatures, and can ignite fires and potentially injure those who use them. The Care-Flare LED Flare’s unique design can easily withstand any environmental hindrances, and its non-combustible light source provides an ideal, environmentally conscious alternative to combustible flares.

Care-Flare LED Flare

Coupled with its substantial height and the two light sequences it offers, you can be assured of maximum visibility: Its impressively potent light output can be seen from 2,000-plus meters! When you need to be on-scene for extended periods of time, the drop-resistant, IP67-waterproof-rated Care-Flare LED Flare can run for 70-plus hours without any battery changes. Some additional specs include:

  • it runs on four C-Cell batteries
  • length: 39 centimeters / 15.35 inches
  • width: 4.5 centimeters / 1.77 inches
  • height: 4.5 centimeters / 1.77 inches
  • run times: fixed red: 10-plus hours (generic alkaline batteries) / run time flashing: 70-plus hours (generic alkaline batteries)

Increase your visibility; increase your safety. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

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