Friday, June 2, 2017

Tek3 Cargos: The Functional Fit You’ve Been Looking For

A reliable pair of pants is an essential tool that allows EMTs and paramedics to perform at top levels while on the job. Additionally, think about all the environmental hazards that emergency medical professionals must endure on a daily basis. These potential occupational dangers make having a good pair of pants even more crucial, as they serve as the first responder’s first line of defense in the field.  Representing the next generation of the Tek2 series, the new Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers are durable, flexible, and fluid resistant, thereby delivering unmatched levels of comfort coupled with a wide range of mobility – an ideal combination for any emergency medical professional.

Constructed of a 65% polyester / 35% cotton-stretch twill blend, the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers are outfitted with double zippers, dual-access cargo pockets, and a solid structure, which solidifies them as a top-performing choice for any active shift. Dealing with inclement weather is no problem, seeing as how its Nano Fluid Repellency easily withstands various types of liquids, all while keeping you dry and comfortable and maintaining the fabric’s natural breathability, even after repeated washings.

Time is of the essence when working on-scene; you need to be able to move and react at a moment’s notice. This is where the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ Ladies’ Choice fit waistband with side elastic and a refined curtain enhances your every move, which in turn maximizes your efficiency. You can be confident in knowing that you’ll always display a professional appearance with the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ creaset front-and-back, permanent creases, and seam failure is made obsolete thanks to its stitched crotch. Utilize two dual, internal-and external-compartment cargo pockets for more-than-ample storage space that can easily accommodate all your small, but essential, supplies.

An infinitely versatile tool, a pocketknife can be clipped-onto either of the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ reinforced-notched front pockets. Similarly, two rear pockets with button-tab closures offer safe, secure storage of any additional supplies. Have to work in dark or dimly lit conditions? Not to worry, the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ 3M-brand, patterned reflective trim under the flaps enhances visibility, thereby increasing your overall safety when working on-scene.

Look great while being protected when performing all your essential job duties. Get more information and purchase yours at

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