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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint

When it comes to children, safety is of utmost priority. The Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint helps to protect children being transported in ambulances by holding them safely in place on the stretcher, and preventing them from making any dangerous movements during transportation.

You can see exactly how it works by watching this simple video.


The restraint harness is made of a breathable, machine washable fabric that maximizes airflow and meets infection control standards. The child-patient will be comfortable in transport, as the harness is padded to reduce the risk of pressure sores.

If medical intervention is necessary there's a quick-release chest strap feature.

Available in four sizes, universally compatible with any cot, and serving children between 4 and 99 lbs., the Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint belongs on your transport.

Read more details of the product on our website.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

MDI Full Body Mattress

MDI's EMS Immobile-VAC Full Body Vacuum mattress is a lightweight and durable immobilization system that's the new standard in care. 

With the Full Body Vacuum Mattress you can be sure that you'll give your patient the required immobilization and support without placing any unnecessary pressure on the injury site.

When using this product, no additional padding is required, as the mattress will automatically contour to the patient's body shape, providing maximum comfort and avoiding pain that can be common with back boards. This is the ideal solution for your elderly patients and long transports.

The heavy duty mattress handles are made with a comfortable grip and designed to transfer the patient weight to the straps for an even carry. The Immobile VAC System is made for easy clean-up as all parts are removable. 

This simple, yet highly effective aid for comfortable immobilization has been developed and tested throughout the world. Now, it's time for your department to try it.

Find the MDI Full Body Mattress at theEMSstore. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Great EMS Headlight Option

For nighttime Search and Rescue, it's helpful to have a great flashlight you can rely on. The New Pelican 2780 LED Headlight is a wonderful option when you need light, but you also need full use of your hands. 

The Pelican 2780 gives you multiple light modes, providing you with the option for the Main LED (illuminating everything in front), the Downcast LED (illuminating everything below), Flashing mode (to be used as a beacon), and the Main/Downcast Combo LED mode for a more expandable view. As an added bonus, the 2780 is waterproof (IPX7, submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes).

When you have 430 bright lumens shining from your head, you're enabled to conquer tough terrain by lighting up dark places and unseen obstacles. This light can serve as a great search and rescue option or do double duty as a task light when you're beginning to run IV's or splint a patient when it's too dark to see.

The Pelican 2780 LED Headlight features a pivoting head giving you a 70 degree directional beam so you can shine light exactly where you need it.

It also includes 3 interchangeable covers in black, white, and photoluminescent.

Using simple 4AA batteries, this bright, waterproof, and durable headlight will prove it's conveniences the first time you put it to use. 

View the Pelican 2780 LED Headlight in more detail on our website.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Popular Bags for EMS Providers

We know that  Emergency Medical Services personnel like to keep medical bags in their personal vehicles for those unexpected emergencies that may arise, to always be prepared and ready. You may even be an EMS provider who uses your own car to travel to emergency scenes and so having a bag on hand full of medical supplies is a must for you.

We know that a medical bag can't hold all of the equipment that an ambulance can, but in a pinch, it will provide you with a sufficient amount of good tools to make emergency treatment available for those in need.

We'll tell you about some of the great bag options we have for you so you can be prepared on the go.

EMI: Flat-Pac EMS Response Kit

This Flat Pac EMS Response Kit is a great little bag that's full of basic life-saving tools and supplies for when you're first on the scene. It's easy to keep in your car, as it's a durable, full-zippered Cordura nylon bag and opens up flat so you can see everything at once and have access to all your supplies.  It includes a great assortment of basic supplies as you can see below: 

Available in either Navy or Hi-Vis Orange, the Flat Pac is a great option for you.

If you're looking for a little bit more, the 5.11 Responder BLS 2000 Bag may be a good option for you. This is definitely a heftier bag, but a great option to grab by the handle, sling over your shoulder, and go save some lives. This bag features Stadium Organization with a main compartment and large external pockets that open all the way for the best visibility. This is the bag you'll fill with all your own favorite life-saving products, and equip exactly how you like it.

This bag is big enough to carry your oxygen bottle and is accessible by a side "garage door" without even having to open the main compartment. This bag can carry a bit more, for those of you who like it all at your fingertips, the Responder 2000 is a good choice.

If you're more into the easy one-shoulder backpack, the G1 MedSlinger by StatPacks might appeal to you.

From two of our reviewers who use this bag: 

Respected Statpacks quality -- an easy bag to fill and carry for first responses -- can put all essential evaluation tools inside -- easier to carry than jump bag on first entry. -Bob, VA

Bag was bigger than I thought it would be and I'm so happy with the number of pockets for all my first aid supplies. Can't wait to get the IV module that fits in it to keep my catheters, tubing and fluids organized too! -Meg, AZ

The sling style lets you simply swing the pack to the front for the fastest access to your medical supplies when on the scene. The two main compartments are transparent and allow you to keep all your gear organized so you're not left to scramble around looking when there's no time to waste.

This shoulder pack, available in red or black, would be a great bag for your car or on-the-go before the ambulance arrives.


Check out all our great bag options on theEMSstore today and have fun picking what will best suit you!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Men's Health Month + Tips to keep Healthy

Did you know that June is Men's Health Month? At theEMSstore we want you to take your health seriously. The purpose of Men's Health Month is to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and to encourage early detection of disease among men and boys.

By having time dedicated to Men's Health this gives the media, health care providers, public policy makers and more the chance to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for injury or disease.

According to the CDC there are things you can do to stay healthy and active, giving yourself the best chance at a healthy life.

1. Get good sleep

Insufficient sleep is linked to many chronic diseases and conditions such as diabetes, obesity and depression. Adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep a night.

2. Get rid of the Tobacco

Quit. It's that simple. There are long term benefits to quitting smoking and it lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease and more.

3. Move your body

Our body needs at least 2.5 hours of moderate intensity aerobic activity every week. You want to strengthen your muscles and stay healthy.

4. Eat Healthy

Get in your fruits and vegetables every day so you can get your vitamins, minerals and nutrients from real food. Avoid foods high in calories, sugar, salt, fat and limit your alcohol.

5. Keep Stress at Bay

Don't let your stress become so overwhelming you feel out of control.

6. Keep up with Checkups

Make sure to see your doctor for regular checkups so you can stay on top of preventable diseases. Pay attention to your body giving you any signs and symptoms such as chest pain.

Blood pressure kits and other health products available on our website.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Everyday Carry Goods

When it comes to your everyday carry as an EMT, what's in your pocket? Do you carry a knife? A penlight? A pair of disposable gloves? Shears?

At theEMSstore we have a plethora of great everyday carry items if your pockets needs a revamp and a little product updating to keep you on your game.

Whether you need latex, nitrile, synthetic or vinyl, theEMSstore offers a huge assortment of disposable gloves to keep you safe and free of germs on the scene.

Keeping a knife handy could be life-saving. With so many great knife options to choose from our site, there's sure to be one that'll fit just perfect in your pocket. Whether for everyday use, or for use on the scene, our knife selection doesn't disappoint. Brands like Spyderco, Boker, and Gerber will bring you quality for years to come. 

Penlights are not just convenient for the EMT, but necessary. You don't have time to blindly search through your first aid kits and supplies during an emergency. Having a quick penlight in your pocket is helpful for note-taking, giving a pupil test, or searching for supplies. 

Trauma shears are a must for an everyday carry for the EMT. So often clothing must be removed to get to a wound and shears make the job easier. We've got endless options of shears that should work for you, keeping you ready and prepared at a moment's notice for what's to come.

Check out other Everyday Carry products over on our website and be sure to beef up your pockets with only the best, today.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Top Selling 'Scope you'll love!

When you're looking for products on our site, often times the amount of choices can be overwhelming. One way to help narrow down is to click on the "sort by popularity" option. This way you can see our top sellers at a glance and the masses don't lie.

One of our top selling stethoscopes continues to be the Littmann 2141 Master Classic II Stethoscope in 27". It comes in a special edition black, just black, burgandy and purple, truly catering to all!

Awesome sound! I had trouble with other stethoscopes, nothing sounded clear, then I tried my fellow EMTs scope which was a Littmann. I now have my own and love it! -Firefighter Z

When you're looking for a professional scope, the Littmann is it. It's a high-performance single-lumen tubing that gives you excellent acoustic performance.

The diaphragm of the Littmann is tunable and can easily and conveniently alternate between the low and high-frequency sounds without having to turn over the chest piece. A single-sided chest piece has more portable convenience that users love.

The ergonomic design is award-winning, and the acoustic seal is excellent with a comfortable fit including the patented 3M Littmann Snap Tight Soft-Sealing Eartips. They're comfortably angled and the anatomically correct headset gives them a superior fit so they never bother you.  

When you get the Littmann 2141 you also get a 3 year warranty from the trusted leader in auscultation technology. Littmann holds a reputation that they're proud of, renowned worldwide for unsurpassed quality and performance.