Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Increase Patient Satisfaction With the TransLite Veinlite LEDX

Reducing the pain and trauma experienced by patients during venous access and treatment of varicose veins has inspired TransLite LLC, a small, high-tech company, to design, manufacture, and sell medical devices designed for the betterment of humankind. Dedication to this cause coupled with striving to produce only the highest quality products at affordable prices, all while keeping customer support and satisfaction at the forefront, has ultimately led to the development of the TransLite Veinlite LEDX, a portable transilluminator specially designed for sclerotherapy and phlebectomy.

TransLite Veinlite LEDX

Featuring a wider opening for easy access and equipped with 24 orange and eight red LEDs, the rechargeable TransLite Veinlite LEDX features the highest contrast imaging available for sclerotherapy treatments. Because of its high number of orange LEDs, which are extremely easy on the eyes, it is capable of offering the best possible contrast for imaging veins in overweight patients as well as viewing varicose and spider veins.

TransLite Veinlite LEDX

Do you want better visualization of deeper and feeder veins? The TransLite Veinlite LEDX can easily facilitate that in addition to expediting the locating of veins and sclerotherapy treatments thanks to its larger area of illumination. Equipped with a deeper focus, it is equally effective on dark and light skin tones and employs a patented color for high-contrast imaging. Some additional specs include:

  • 32 bright-light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • single-use barrier covers included
  • rechargeable battery and charger included
  • ring diameter: 31 millimeters
  • weight (includes battery): 83 grams
  • dimensions: 102 millimeters by 65 millimeters by 24 millimeters

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Light, Breathable Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Tonal BFL Hoodie Offers Superior Mobility

Under Armour (UA)’s relentless passion to improve athletes through the unyielding pursuit of innovation has produced a vast line of excellent products that are designed to ensure you attain only the highest levels of performance. Featuring a fuller cut along with a looser fit for complete comfort and an enhanced range of motion, the UA Men’s ColdGear Tonal BFL Hoodie easily represents the aforementioned lofty standards of excellence, while remaining light, breathable, and flexible. Here’s how:

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Tonal BFL Hoodie

Interested in enjoying an enhanced range of motion along with unmatched comfort? The UA Men’s ColdGear Tonal BFL Hoodie easily provides it, along with unique UA Storm technology that repels water without sacrificing breathability – no matter how damp the weather is. For wet and chilly days, the UA Men’s ColdGear Tonal BFL Hoodie easily holds its own: Specifically constructed to keep you warm and comfy in temperatures ranging from 0 degrees Fahrenheit to 55 degrees Fahrenheit, its soft inner layer efficiently traps and keeps heat.

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Tonal BFL Hoodie

The hood will shield your head and line of sight against inclimate-weather conditions and is constructed of 100 percent mechanical-stretch fabric. Its chest length varies in size from small (34 to 36 inches) to 3XL (54 to 56 inches). Additionally, the stylish Tonal logo on the front of the hoodie promotes the UA Freedom Initiative, through which UA is committed to a minimum donation of $250,000 annually as a show of support and appreciation to America’s finest and bravest: first responders, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and veterans.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The 5.11 Tactical Responder Hi-Vis Parka Is Ideal for Those First on the Scene and Last to Leave

Looking for a purpose-built parka engineered specifically for EMS professionals that provides the utility, performance, and reliability you need to effectively respond to any call? Then rely on 5.11 Tactical – the industry authority on creating purpose-built gear for the most demanding missions – to meet those criteria. A shining example of their ingenuity is the 5.11 Tactical Responder Hi-Vis Parka, which is uniquely designed to offer steadfast protection against both weather and biological hazards, making it a reliable, stalwart choice for first responders who face hazardous conditions head-on, at any time.

5.11 Tactical Responder Hi-Vis Parka

Featuring a waterproof and breathable construction that easily blocks wind and weather, it won’t overheat you during periods of high activity, while its blood-borne pathogen-resistant lining shields you against any environmental hazards you may encounter. Always stay connected with a water-resistant radio pocket along with a shoulder-mounted mic, and be seen in low-visibility and night-time conditions thanks to a partial hi-vis construction and reflective tape installed at its hem, mid-line, and sleeves.

5.11 Tactical Responder Hi-Vis Parka

Meeting all the requirements of ANSI/ISEA 107-2010, the 5.11 Tactical Responder Hi-Vis Parka can easily protect you from harsh rain and cold when on scene with its three-way adjustable hood, hook and loop storm cuffs, a durable storm flap, and an elastic corded hem. It can easily accommodate either a backpack or duty bag because of the traction generated from abrasion panels that are located at the shoulders. Secure your ID with a patch panel that is positioned on the right chest, and safely store your important EMS accessories in zippered pockets at the chest and sleeves. Additionally, the 5.11 Tactical Responder Hi-Vis Parka is constructed of 10,000 millimeter fabric and features YKK® zipper hardware and Prym® snaps.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

5.11 Tactical’s Best-Selling Job Shirt Adds Water-Repellency Feature

As a brand that proudly holds a reputation steeped in innovation and authority, 5.11 Tactical works directly with their clientele to produce purpose-built apparel and gear specifically designed to augment the safety, accuracy, speed, and performance of first responders. Their products easily surpass their customers’ high standards of excellence, leading them become the premier choice for duty-driven professionals. One such product is the 5.11 Tactical Water Repellent Storm Fleece ¼ Zip Job Shirt, Navy.

5.11 Tactical Water Repellent Storm Fleece ¼ Zip Job Shirt, Navy

Designed to provide superior precipitation and liquid protection, the lightweight, breathable 5.11 Tactical Water Repellent Storm Fleece ¼ Zip Job Shirt, Navy is composed of unique Storm Cotton®, which features an excellent blend of comfort and all-weather performance. Utilize its mic-clip pockets to stay connected while looking clean and professional at all times, thanks to its fade-, wrinkle-, and shrink-resistant fabric treatment.

In addition to its ¼ zip front, secure cuffs, and hem, the 5.11 Tactical Water Repellent Storm Fleece ¼ Zip Job Shirt, Navy has spacious, side-seam handwarmer pockets that offer insulated comfort. Its Chest BreakThrough™ pocket is equipped with a hook and loop divider that keeps your gear ready at all times; convenient, left-sleeve pen pockets keep writing utensils easily within your reach.

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Under Armour Men’s TAC Responder Pants Are Ideal to Wear on Duty, Year-Round

By adhering to a simple, straightforward mission statement of developing innovatively performing products designed to maximize overall performance, Under Armour (UA) is able to ensure that every product they make has your needs in mind. Created with this credo as a guide are the water-resistant and comfortable UA Men’s TAC Responder Pants, which are specifically designed to be worn by EMS and first responders.

Under Armour Men’s TAC Responder Pants

Featuring a lightweight, durable, woven-fabric construction, the UA Men’s TAC Responder Pants’ UA Storm Technology repels water without sacrificing breathability. You can enjoy a fuller cut for complete comfort, and four-way stretch fabrication offers increased mobility in any direction. A stretch-engineered waistband features superior mobility accompanied by ample comfort.

Under Armour Men’s TAC Responder Pants

There’s more than enough room to store all your important supplies: Utilize hand pockets, a right-side knife pocket, and back pockets; secure cargo pockets are designed specifically to hold trauma shears and tape. The UA Men’s TAC Responder Pants are constructed of 100% polyester mechanical stretch fabric and function excellently in temperatures ranging from 55 degrees to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, a stylish tonal back belt loop logo adorns the backside.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EMI: Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag

Bringing over 35 years of experience in developing innovative products that meet the intense, complex needs of EMS professionals, EMI has forged solid partnerships with a worldwide network of distributors that are dedicated to supporting and serving public safety professionals. Through the foresight and focus of the company’s founder, Dr. Ronald Karl, EMI has succeeded in their mission, garnering respect and industry recognition along the way. A shining example of a product that easily fits Dr. Karl’s vision is the EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag: a vital tool for handling the most serious medical- and trauma-related emergencies. Here’s why:

EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag

The 1000-Denier nylon EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag features a removable center section outfitted with 11 padded compartments and three adjustable sections. The bag’s top flap is equipped with elastic loops that act as airways, while its two large, zippered end pockets are clearly visible thanks to bright-yellow reflective trim. Utilize the bag’s top-carrying handle and an adjustable / detachable rifle sling strap for quick, efficient handling. A decorative Star of Life emblem adorns the top flap.

The versatile EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag features an ample amount of supplies that are categorized as follows:

bandages and dressings: one multi-trauma dressing, two triangular bandages, three four-inch sterile conforming badges, and more

airway management: one disposable airway kit, one CPR Lifeshield, and one plastic bite stick

EMS Supplies: one instant glucose, 10 alcohol prep pads, four instant ice packs (measuring five inches by nine inches in length), and more

EMS Equipment: six latex gloves, one Lifesaver Plus Seat Belt Cutter, two molded surgical masks, and more

Additionally, the EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag measures 20 inches long by 12 ½ inches wide by nine inches tall. It weighs just less than nine pounds and is available in Orange or Navy color schemes. A Pro Response Complete Refill Kit is available separately and includes everything except a blood-pressure cuff and stethoscope, tourniquet, instrument pack, Lifesaver Plus Seat Belt Cutter, and bag.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Haix Airpower R2M 8-inch Station / EMS Boot

Regarded as the world’s leading manufacturer of functional footwear for fire services, law enforcement, and military task forces, Haix applies practical research and creative innovations when developing their innovative products. As a result, Haix is poised to raise the bar of quality by setting new, worldwide standards in terms of functionality, quality, and innovation. One product that fits these criteria is the Haix Airpower R2M 8-inch Station/EMS Boot, which features uncompromising performance, comfort, and protection.

Haix Airpower R2M 8-inch Station / EMS Boot

NFPA-certified, the Haix Airpower R2M 8-inch Station/EMS Boot won’t let you down. Its upper material is constructed of soft, supple waterproof leather, while its protective CROSSTECH Laminate Technology serves as a sturdy barrier against moisture, hazardous chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens. Enjoy all-day comfort and support with its advanced arch-support system, which is equipped with a shock-absorbing, insulating, polyurethane cushioning wedge. Its flexible, stainless steel midsole easily meets the stringent ANSI Z41 Standards for puncture resistance and protection.

Haix Airpower R2M 8-inch Station / EMS Boot

Perhaps one of the Haix Airpower R2M 8-inch Station/EMS Boot’s most unique features is its innovative climate system, which has the ability to “breathe” – that is, it is capable of pushing perspiration out and pulling fresh air in with every step. Thanks to its impact-resistant toe cap, durable, all-leather construction, and non-slip, 3-phase TPU sole and toe covering, you can be assured that the Haix Airpower R2M 8-inch Station/EMS Boot can effectively handle any types of hazards. Its anatomically formed footbed can be changed quickly, is machine-washable and moisture-absorbing, and has quick-drying capabilities. Additionally, its patented Haix Lacing System and a reinforced front zipper and pull tab allow for easy putting on and taking off at a moment’s notice.

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