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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Product Feature: ConMed Veni Gard IV Dressing

Looking for a durable dressing with awesome features available for both pediatric and adult sizes? Check out the ConMed Veni Gard IV dressing on our site!

It's features are:

- Durable waterproof foam that ensures superior catheter stability while the transparent polyurethane membrane allows instant site inspection!

-Membrane that's breathable allows for moisture vapor release and oxygen permeation!

-It has 2 convenient foam adhesive strips to help secure excess tubing or saline lock in place

-They're both sterile and latex free.

Sold in 100/box or 5 boxes per case---get your ConMed Veni Gard IV dressing now!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Product Feature: StatPacks G2 High Visibility EMS Vest

The StatPacks G2 High Visibility EMS vest is awesome when the highest visibility is important to you, with the addition of storage and removable name plates. We are proud that we are StatPacks best distributor of the G2 High Viz safety vests, too!

These G2 Vests packed with ample storage help you to keep personal and medical equipment close at hand when you need it most.  The one adjustable size fits everyone on the staff comfortably so it can be passed between people, saving your department money! 

The Vest/Pack is a great ergonomic alternative when medics cannot physically (or choose not to!) wear a backpack. 

  • One-size fits-all with a 5 point Velcro break away system on the shoulders, front, and sides
  • Organizing pockets for equipment, pens and scissors
  • Radio/cell phone webbing attachment points
  • Removable name plates on front and back for identification of personnel
  • Front/Back reflective taping for extra night time safety
  • LED light Attachment point (lights sold separately)
  • Weight:1 lb
Vest sold with "EMS" name plate, add a replacement name plate to your order for customizing the vest.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Product Feature: Simulaids Deluxe IV Training Arm

The New full arm IV trainer is the perfect addition to your training tools! It gives unlimited access to the major veins in the arms and hand, and a deltoid IM injection site, too.

The features are as follows:
  • Supple but durable PVC “skin” material replicates the texture and feel of human skin
  • Student can palpate the skin and underlying structure to properly locate injection or withdrawal sites
  • When the vein is located and the needle inserted, blood may be drawn or fluid injected.
  • Both Arm and Hand are made to withstand repeated use.
  • Inexpensive replacement skin, veins, and injection sites make these trainers highly cost-effective.
All the features of the new Simulaids Deluxe IV Training Arm allow students to get the best practice with various area skills all on the same arm, therefore reducing the costs of training materials. Antecubital, basilic and cephalic sites, coupled with the dorsal metacarpal veins are all accessibe and realistic to boot in the arm trainer. 

The IM site contains a foam pad designed to be squeezed out and dried for multiple re-uses. This unit also includes blood reservoirs and a supply of blood. Inexpensive skin, veins and enjection site can be easily replaced in the field.

The Simulaids Deluxe IV Training Arm includes two blood reservoirs, blood powder, carry bag, and tray. 

    Tuesday, April 1, 2014

    Product Feature: Meret Omni Pro ICB

    The Meret Omni Pro Infection Control Bag is designed specifically to easily clean and remove any blood borne pathogens.

    With it's construction from incredibly durable and wipe-clean black tarpaulin it makes the care and removal of blood borne pathogens at top priority.

    The details of this bag will not disappoint! With 1 Deep Stuff pocket, and 2 Stickit Strips, and a shoulders trap with metal hardware included, your bag can be converted from 2 bags to a one bag system.

    The inner foam construction maintains shape and protects the contents of the bag. It also has Comfort-Grip embroidered carry handles on the sides of the bag and the reinforced back and bottom resists water and wear since you never know the scenes you're going to happen upon.

    Below are some other key features this bag has that you may enjoy!
    • Hideaway adjustable, padded, contoured yoke backpack strap harness system easily distributes weight for maximum comfort
    • Adjustable sternum and waist belt, lumbar support
    • Reflective tie down loops
    • Reflective piping
    • Unit/ Contents identification sleeve
    • TS-Ready™ hideaway zippers for optional side modules
    • TS-Ready™ for up to four 4 removable DEEP STUFF Pockets, 12 removable STICKIT STRIPS, or combinations of both
    • Large EZ-Pull pullers allow easy access
    • OneView™ technology- all main compartments open completely in front of first responder
    • Zippered internal mesh compartments
    • Customized internal main compartment using SLIDERS™ System
    • Available in black only

    Tuesday, March 25, 2014

    Product Feature: StatPacks, G2 Tidal Volume EMS Oxygen Pack

    When it comes to carrying oxygen in the best, most efficient way, there's no denying that the StatPacks G2 Tidal Volume EMS Oxygen Pack is the way to go. With a main compartment that securely holds any regular D or Jumbo D size O2 cyclinder and breathing equipment and a sturdy foam-lined pack cushion that protects that tank, regulator, tubing and tools? You can't beat it.

    The clear urethane window helps to show the regulator and opens easily to provide access to the tank and connector. The padded shoulder straps double as a shoulder sling, but also gives you the ease and comfort of hands-free transport.

    The G1 Oxygen Module is included to secure your tank and attaches firmly inside Tidal Volume with an easy velcro. And the Velcro/Buckle attachment loops let you hook the pack and tank easily to a cot if need be. You even get your color choice, black or red--depending on department specs or preferences!


    Other Details & Features:

    StatPacks G2 Tidal Volume securely holds any regular “D” or “Jumbo D” size oxygen cylinder and breathing equipment. Carry your oxygen bottle on your back, over your shoulder, or in one hand with ease. Or hang it on a cot. This sturdy, protective O2 “Pack” holds your tank, regulator, tubing, tools, and supplies. Opens quickly for access to breathing equipment and gear. NOTE: INCLUDES PACK and “O2 Module” oxygen tank holder ONLY. Tank, tubing, and other contents are NOT included.

    CAPACITY: 1500 cub. in.
    WEIGHT: 3.5 lbs.
    DIMENSIONS: H: 22” x W: 8” x D: 9”

    Tuesday, March 18, 2014

    Product Feature: BCA Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope

    Littmann Stethoscopes are the name you know & trust when it comes to getting outstanding acoustic performance combined with exceptional versatility. The Littman Cardiology III series has an innovative design that offers a proprietary tunable diaphrahm on each side of the chest piece.

    What users of the Littmann Cardiology III love about it is the double sided chestpiece which makes it work for either adult or pediatric auscultation. While the pediatric side can even be converted to an open bell for low frequencies using a non-chill bell sleeve (which is included!). 

    The new two-in-one tube design (dual lumen) eliminates tube rubbing noise from the two tubes rubbing together.

    Specifically, when referring to the Breast Cancer Awareness stethoscope above, 3M/Littmann will contribute $5 to the American Cancer Society to help support Breast Cancer Awareness. 

    • More Specifications
    ApplicationsCardiology/High Performance
    Chestpiece FinishMachined Stainless Steel
    Chestpiece TechnologyDouble Sided
    Chestpiece Weight85 Ounce
    Color GroupPink
    Diaphragm Diameter1.7 Inch
    Diaphragm Diameter (metric)4.3 cm
    Diaphragm MaterialEpoxy/Fiberglass
    Diaphragm TypeTunable Diaphragm
    Eartip TypeSoft Sealing
    Extra EartipsYes
    Headset MaterialWide diameter aerospace alloy / Anodized aluminum
    Length27 Inch
    Length (Metric)69 cm
    ModelCardiology III™
    Net Weight180 g
    Net Weight (Metric)180 g
    PatientAdult, Pediatric
    Small Diaphragm Diameter1.3 Inch
    Small Diaphragm Diameter (metric)33 cm
    Special AdaptorsNo
    Tube ColorRose Pink
    Warranty Period

    5 years

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014

    Product Feature: Simulaids Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit

    We know that training is a hugely valuable and important part to your career, which is why we love offering the Simulaid brand! They provide awesome training supplies so you can get the most out of your training to provide as real-life situations as possible, thus making it relevant and a valuable learning experience.

    The Simulaids Deluxe Casuality Simulation Kit is no joke and it contains 7 bleeding strap-on wounds and 15 types of moulage stick-on wounds. In this kit, the full line of accessories allows you to create 70 individual wounds, plus use your makeup expertise to create more realistic wounds! This simulation kit is awesome!

    It's not only a great resource for realistic EMS trainings, but could be used on smaller scene movie sets or for theater in high schools and universities.

    Packaged conveniently in a sturdy carrying case (included), and also with detailed instructions for application.

    The Kit Contains:
    1Stick-on Wounds, Eyeball900
    1Foreign body protrusion901
    1Eviscerated intestines902
    1Large laceration 5 mm903
    1Medium laceration 3 mm904
    1Small laceration 1 mm905
    1Compound fractured tibia906
    1Compound fractured humerus907
    1Compound fractured femur908
    1Small sepsis wound909
    1Large sepsis wound910
    1Avulsion 3 x 5 cm911
    1Major avulsion 8 x 5 cm912
    1Crushed foot913
    12nd degree burn914
    11st, 2nd, & 3rd degree burn827
    1Small flesh wound824
    1Large fracture830
    1Jaw Wound829
    1Small Fracture826
    1Perforated Wound828
    1*Crushed foot6730
    1*Impalement lower leg6729
    1*Broken clavicle6727
    1*Compound fracture of Humerous6816
    1*Compound fracture Tibia6761
    1*Laceration of forearm6726
    1*Projectile Entry6728
    1Burnt Tibia6710
     *Bleeding strap-on wound with reservoir bags & pumps

    1Body adhesivePP2159
    1Cold cream851
    1Cotton balls843
    1Mineral oil240
    1Petroleum jelly239
    1Plexiglas pack230
    1Q-tipsReorder 100,841
    1Pocket pak tissues844
    1Tongue depressors842
    1Fake dirt233
    1Liners: black, white, brown, red, flesh, blue, yellow236, 220, 221, 218, 237, 222, 867
    1Simulation wax223
    1Plasteline: Dark, White855, 856
    1Methyl cellulose228
    1Blood powder225
    1Coagulant blood226

    Nothing is forgotten in this 22" x 13" x 15" simulation kit!

    Take your trainings to the next level with the Simulaids Deluxe Casualty Simulation Kit, today.