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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NEW T3 Lightweight Assault Litter

The New T3 Lightweight Assault Litter is designed for Special Operation Forces where every single pound matters. This Litter is made with state of the art materials and made with new technologies that allowed the makers to reduce the weight without compromising an ounce of overall strength. When it comes to an evacuation platform, you need dependability. And with the New T3 Lightweight Assault Litter, that's what you'll get.

The overall length of this platform is 81" and enables floor loading on a UH-60 helicopter while also allowing for maximum maneuverability during casualty evacuation in urban terrain. This weighs in at less than 12 pounds, making it the lightest rigid litter in the world. 

The litter provides 2 straps when needed to secure patients and has 4 IV attachment points. The ergonomically correct handles keep the carriers hands feeling good while allowing them to do their job securely. It's designed to be a quad-fold which allows it to be compact when being stored, giving maximum space storage. Folded, it's 21" x 8.75"x 7.25".

N.A. Rescue, the makers of this great new Assault Litter operates by the 3X Standard: Exact, Extreme, Extraordinary. 
  • EXact..
    Products designed explicitly for flawless performance in prehospital applications
  • EXtreme..
    The absolute highest technical fabrications for ultimate precision and durability
  • EXtraordinary..
    Meticulously designed to function perfectly in a far-reaching scope of real-world applications
You can be sure you're getting well made products, that operate by a high standard when you order a NAR product.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Meret Bag Features

You may have heard that the Meret bag 4000 series are all being replaced by the new 5000 series now. These bags are no joke, they're top of the line and made to function just as you need on the scene. We want to feature a few of them so you can get a better feel for the new features and best decide which blog fits your need.

First up, the Meret Omni Pro EMS Response Bag:

This bag is built to help you proficiently and rapidly deploy medical care in a critical moment when life saving is needed. The Meret bags are built from the strongest materials and made using a smart design that we know it's users will love. This bag gives you the versatility to modify it to fit your requirements. It delivers a completely customizable experience and gives you a solution to organization for your equipment.

Basically, this bag converts your normal 2 bags into a 1 bag system, eliminating your need for an entire extra bag. It has 1 deep-stuff pocket and 2 stick-it strips, including a shoulder strap with metal hardware. The increased size of this bag means it can now support the All-in-One VIPR O2 systems.

The bag is made with double stitching on all stress points so tearing isn't an option. Users love it's oversized zippers and matte-chrome hardware. Built with an inner-foam construction to help maintain shape and give you extra protection for important contents. 

There are so many little details about this bag that you can't miss here on our site. Available in different color options, even. Be sure to check it out and read all about it online.

This is the bag built for the professional. Designed to take in exactly what you need when you arrive on the scene. This bag is built for versatility with a smart design made of the strongest materials, that can be modified to the exact requirements and equipment you need to carry. The First-In Pro gives you a lightweight solution to carrying and organizing all of your basic supplies and protective equipment that will address those immediate patient needs until further assistance arrives.

This hands-free, ergonomically designed solution that can be customized to you is the perfect option to reduce pressure on the side or lower back thanks to the padded lumbar pad. It's designed with TS2 ready system functionality, and offers the ability to attach an additional TS2 ready module in the front depending on your requirements. 

Read more of the details and info on this great bag here

Check out all the New Meret 5000 Bags and options on theEMSstore here

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Altair Pro Single Gas Detector

The Altair Pro Single Gas Detectors are literally life-changing.  With one year of no-maintenance protection between battery changes, just attach it to your jump bag, and unless you hear the alarm? Forget about it. 

With two bright LEDs, a piercing 95dB audio alarm, plus a vibrating feature, you'll be warned when you're in the presence of unsafe levels of gas. This little, compact, rubber-armored single gas detector is guaranteed to work continuously at the highest level of performance in the toughest industrial and emergency environments.

This little guy needs no maintenance, no additional calibration, and won't get damage from dust, moisture, or impact. 

What users love is the ALTAIR Maintenance-Free Gas Detector allows easy testing, event monitoring and data collection, as well as user-adjustable alarm set points and manual calibration using the built-in IR communication port and the optional MSA infrared adapter with your PC.

Some more features:
  • Automatically records the last 50 alarm events
  • Bump check made easy
  • Built-in auto calibration for long-term, maintenance-free accuracy
  • Calibration may also be easily performed by the user without special tools, or via IR communication
  • Rubberized armor housing and simple one-button operation keeps the system working reliably in the toughest environments
  • Data Logging default setting is three-minute peak readings. This sample rate is configurable via PC from 15-second to 15-minute peaks or a one minute peak average
  • Replaceable standard sized CR2 lithium battery
  • Replaceable sensor, warranted for 2 years along with unit
  • Compact dimensions: 3.4" H x 2.0" W x 1.0” D
  • Heavy duty suspender clip plus several clip options for a wide range of attachment styles
  • Distinctive triple-alarm system
  • Durable, rubberized-armor housing design
  • IP67 rated for water and dust resistance
So pick which gas you want your meter to detect, purchase that meter, clip it on and forget about it! Make your life a little safer with the Altair Pro.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EMS Ballistic Vests

In the world we live in today, Ballistic Vests are necessary in many of the dangerous, active-shooter situations we find happening all over the country. While you're on the scene making others stay alive, you must also stay safe. At theEMSstore we have a few different EMS Ballistic Vests that will do just that.

Point Blank: R20-D EMS Accessory Carrier with C-Series Ballistics

Engineered for Superior Performance. Designed for Maximum Comfort. The R20-D is ideal for EMS who have occasional equipment-carrying assignments. This vest contains level II Point Blank Ballistic Panels or you can easily insert one of the ballistic panels from all three concealable vests, including VISION™, HI-LITE™ Proformance SS2, and C-Series. In minutes, EMS has ballistic protection with load bearing capabilities.

Point Blank: HI-LITE Proformance, Level II, Male Ballistic Vest, NIJ 06, 2 Carriers

Comfortable, flexible protection at a lifesaving price. A complete package with two re-designed HI-LITE carriers and a Soft Trauma Plate Rigorously tested to meet new NIJ 06 Standards, Special Threats, and Military V50 specifications.
  • New carrier design provides greater range of motion, flexibility and adjustability.
  • Patented Self-Suspending Ballistic System™ keeps ballistic panels from rolling and sagging inside the carrier
  • Heat-sealed waterproof & antimicrobial ballistic panel cover protects ballistics against moisture, mildew, sweat, even total submersion
Available in black, blue or white.

There are a few more Point Blank options you can choose from on our site, or Accessory Carriers Only with EMS printing. But whatever you choose, choose to be SAFE.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

NEW Streamlight ProTac Headlamp

In the world of headlamps, the ProTac HL Headlamp is a good one. With 540 lumens of blinding light, it makes it the brightest addition to the headlamp series yet. Offering the latest in power LED technology and three different user selectable programs, making the combination of small size and output of the C4 LED result in one of the brightest headlamps of its' size! 

The high beam for super-bright light with good beam distance gives you 540 lumens, 7,400 candela, and 172m beam distance, running for 1.75 hours. The Medium setting has 95 lumens, 1,200 candela and 69m beam distance, running for 8 hours. Low has 18 lumens, 250 candela, 31 beam distance, and runs for 36 hours.

This light comes packed with a rubber band for mounting on your helmet securely, or it comes with a softer elastic headband for directly on a ball cap or on your head. 

The material it's made out of is a 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with anodized finish, with a gasket sealed glass lens. There's no breaking this sucker!

The new C4 technology is not only bright, but has a 50,000 hour lifetime and impervious to shock. The on/off is a Ten-Tap Programmable switch that allows the user to select easily one of three different programs.

The Streamlight ProTac Headlamp features a 90 degree tilting head, making sure you can get that light exactly where you need it. It also features IPX4 water resistance, it's 1 meter impact resistance tested, and it's RoHS compliant.

If you're looking for a small but mighty Headlamp, for on the job, or at home, then this is it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Leatherman Raptor

The Leatherman Raptor is a tool we've talked about before, but due to it's popularity it's always worth being talked about again!

The Raptor is basically a tool that first reads as just medical shears, but really is packed full of all the necessary tools needed for uniformed professionals to safely and quickly go to work in an emergency situation. This tool was developed with special input from special ops medics, EMT's and fire professionals making sure to cover all the bases of what is needed when you're on the scene and have one tool to do the job.

The Raptor is known to have just the right balance of multipurpose features for medical-special ops without an overkill to complicate a life-altering situation.

The tools included in the Raptor are 420HC Stainless Steal Folding Medical Shears, a strap cutter, a ring cutter, a 5cm Ruler, an Oxygen Tank Wrench, and a carbide Glass Breaker.

The hard stainless steel design keep this tool powerful, strong and ready for any situation, and pocket
clip (which is replaceable) keeps it ready and handy at all times. It comes with a MOLLE Compatible Injection-molded Polymer Holster that's great and makes it easy to keep this tool handy when you need it.

With a 25 year warranty, you just cannot go wrong with the popular Raptor. Let's see what others are saying about it:

"Great item to carry daily on my belt. Worth the price for all the options this tool gives in one small package. Strong, durable construction. From cutting clothing to simply removing patient identification bands upon discharge, this tool can do it all."

"I work as a flight nurse and a Trauma Program Manager at a Level II Trauma Center. I got these as a gift and they seriously kick butt. They'll cut through a bikers leathers in a flash. The only con I would have is that they would not have had to make them collapsable. They occupy the space my old trauma shears did in my flight suit and I see no need to ever need to fold them up."

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Product Feature: Streamlight Nightfighter X

If you're looking for the brightest light out of the Streamlight Nightfighter Flashlight line, the Nightfighter X is the one! It's a hardcore, durable and versatile flashlight whose abilities will come in handy in a variety of situations that come your way!

The Nightfighter X uses the great C4 LED technology and that means it has a 50,000 hour lifetime to generate any of it's three beams of light when in use. The high beam emits around 200 lumens, can run for 2.5 hours straight, and has a peak beam intensity of 11,000 candelas. 

One feature we particularly love on Nightfighter X is the strobe mode, which emits light at momentary, variable intensities and can be used to disorient and/or gain advantage over a potentially dangerous subject. It's easily turned on by a multi-function, push-button tactical tailswitch that enables you to activate and use strobe mode one handedly. 

The Nightfighter X is shock and water resistant, meaning it's protected by the elements and also any damage it might get during any intense situation. Needing your light to stay in top notch shape and dependable when on the scene is KEY. You will have that with your Streamlight Nightfighter X, no double.

During a critical situation, the Nightfighter X is capable of emitting powerful and very bright beams of light that can cut through the darkness and will be able to defend you in a critical situation.

Anyone working in public safety would benefit from a wonderful, bright light like the Nightfighter X.

  • C4 LED technology has a 50,000 hour lifetime
  • High Beam: 200 lumens; 11,000 candela peak beam intensity; runs for 2.5 hours
  • Low Beam: 10 lumens; 550 candela peak beam intensity; runs for 50 hours
  • Strobe Mode: Emits light at momentary, variable intensities
  • Multi-function, push-button tactical tailswitch allows for one-handed operation of strobe mode.
  • 5.40” long * 1.25” wide * .88” deep; 5.2 oz
  • Shock resistant (drop test verified)
  • Water resistant
  • Powered by two 3 Volt CR123A lithium batteries, with a shelf life of ten years
  • Assembled in USA