Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Use the Advanced Vacuum Mattress for Fast, Safe Transport

Thanks to an abundance of experience in providing healthcare solutions and medical devices to the EMS market – over 35 years in total – Quantum EMS specializes in allowing emergency medical professionals access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in pre-hospital, trauma, emergency, and critical care. Their unique range of innovations and cost-effective emergency solutions support immobilization, patient transportation, and first-aid services; all of which ensure that emergency medical professionals are fully prepared and ready to handle any emergency or evacuation.

Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress

The company’s newest advancement, the Advanced Vacuum Mattress, is specifically designed to effectively immobilize and transport patients with vertebra, pelvis, or limb trauma. It is equipped with three foldable PVC canvases, each fitted with polystyrene beads that mold themselves around the patient’s body when placed on it. To immobilize the patient, simply pump the air out through the high-security, plastic valve, and then seal it. The resulting pressure forces the polystyrene beads together, which augments the Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress’ rigidity, allowing for effective immobilization.

Comfortably and securely holding the patient in place on the Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress is easily achieved thanks to four adjustable, patient-support straps. Transporting a patient is equally efficient: Emergency medical professionals can utilize any of its 12 handles to safely and quickly evacuate a patient to the hospital.

In addition to being X-ray translucent and easy-to-clean, it is fire-retardant and waterproof, making it an ideal tool to use in temperatures that range from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress measures 106 inches long and 34.2 inches wide.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seconds Count, So Rely on Stat Tape For Accuracy

Picture this: You’re doing what you were trained as an emergency medical professional to do: Administer aid to patients. Sometimes, things get hectic and messy when doing this on-scene, making it extremely difficult to accurately document and transfer vital, patient-related information to the next emergency provider.

It’s even more difficult when different methods of organizing that information are introduced, as these methods may not be commonly shared by each and every emergency medical professional; that’s where Stat Tape, Patient Care’s usefulness is fully realized.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

Developed by a former Marine and an experienced paramedic, Alex Cope, Stat Tape, Patient Care is light, mobile, and easy-to-implement into any current, emergency-care protocol. Cope’s pioneering vision grew out of his innovative perceptiveness while on the job. He noticed that many medics would arrive at the hospital with numbers scribbled on a piece of tape on their legs, and then struggle to decipher what was written. This led to guessing, frustration, and even worse, wasted time.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

“I knew there had to be an easier way for medics to transfer information without guessing vitals. Thus, Stat Tape was born,” Cope said. “It cuts down on liability with hospitals, helps medics do their job, and (to manage) patient-care reports effectively. And ultimately, (it) helps the patient get 100% accurate treatment.”

Stat Tape, Patient Care

Cope’s vision took just three months to realize, from concept to completion. Stat Tape, Patient Care is the most common version used for most paramedics and EMTs. It aides the medic in documenting patient care from initial assessment, to SAMPLE history, and two sets of vitals (all on one 12-inch strip). Two other Stat Tape options are available, as well: Mega Code, which aids the medic or EMT during a cardiac arrest and the Trauma Triage, which is used for mass-casualty situations or any trauma-related call.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

The three-inch-wide, adhesive, hypoallergenic Stat Tape, Patient Care is perfectly suited for anyone who needs to transfer patients under duress, when every second could mean the difference between life and death. The Stat Tape, Patient Care’s printed template is designed to accommodate accurate, patient-related documentation, ensuring that this information can be quickly and accurately recorded, all while remaining with the patient throughout the transfer.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

To use it, simply tear away a section of the tape, stick it to your leg, and then record the patient’s vitals on the provided preprinted template (any pen will do). Next, attach the tape to the patient, which allows all pertinent, patient-related information to efficiently travel with the patient to his or her next level of care.

“Bottom line: Using Stat Tape, Patient Care made me a better medic,” Cope said.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

EMS Glucometer Kit: Easy to Use And Get Accurate Results Quickly

With a 25-year track record of excellence in developing medical sensors for the treatment of diabetes, Cambridge Sensors has strategically positioned themselves in the diabetic market to offer value-added, high-quality products, all while staying cognizant to maintaining reasonable pricing. The Cambridge Sensors Microdot Xtra EMS Glucometer Kit is perfectly suited to assist emergency medical professionals in the event they suspect any type of diabetic-related emergency when working on-scene.

Cambridge Sensors Microdot Xtra EMS Glucometer Kit

Fast, accurate, and easy to use, the Cambridge Sensors Microdot Xtra EMS Glucometer Kit’s Xtra Meter’s front is loaded with useful features: Its display is large and easily readable, capable of showing symbols, messages, and test results. Only a 0.6 ┬ÁL sample is needed to garner fast, accurate results in just 10 seconds, and common-care substances do not compromise test results.
To set meter functions and review test results stored in its memory, simply press the “C” button, and utilize a data port to efficiently download test results to your PC. To enter memory mode, just press the “M” button, which is conveniently located to the left of the “C” button. The Xtra Meter’s strip-eject button provides easy, safe disposal of used test strips. Plus, the meter has a beeper to assist in testing.

Also included in the Cambridge Sensors Microdot Xtra EMS Glucometer Kit is an accompanying carry pouch that is specifically designed for healthcare professionals: It is highly visible and offers a generous amount of storage capacity. A durable, ergonomic orange rubber sleeve is germ- and slip-resistant and provides substantial impact-resistance protection, if dropped. Please note that bleach wipes, lancets, test strips, and control solutions are sold separately.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Be Dry, Comfy, and Cool With the New Propper I.C.E. Long-Sleeve Polo

Fully embracing a mindset centered on taking action, making the right moves, and not letting any obstacles stand in the way of achieving goals, Propper brings nearly 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing gear for public safety, law enforcement, tactical, and military professionals. No matter if you’re on the job or off for the weekend, the new, moisture-wicking, flexible, and breathable Propper Women’s Integrated Cooling Effect (I.C.E.) Long-Sleeve Performance Polo will keep you cool, dry, and comfy at all times.

Propper Women’s Integrated Cooling Effect (I.C.E.) Long-Sleeve Performance Polo

Outfitted with hidden collar stays that ensure a clean, professional look and constructed of a 94% polyester / 6% spandex blend, the Propper Women’s I.C.E. Long-Sleeve Performance Polo’s innovative wicking technology is built directly into the fabric, helping it dry 125% faster than cotton and 30% faster than polyester. Designed especially for women, the shirt is perfectly suited for warmer weather, too, thanks to its breathable mesh underarms, which increase ventilation and your range of motion, all while allowing you to maintain a professional appearance at the same time.

The Propper Women’s I.C.E. Long-Sleeve Performance Polo is ideally suited to accessorize: Utilize a two-channel pen pocket on the left shoulder for writing utensils; mic clips are available on each shoulder as is a sunglasses clip near the buttons. Additionally, the shirt is available in two eye-pleasing colors: Black or LAPD Navy. Some other specs include the following:

Propper Women’s Integrated Cooling Effect (I.C.E.) Long-Sleeve Performance Polo

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. Four-Inch or Six-Inch OLAES Modular Bandage Offers Many Advantages to All Levels of Care Providers

Inspired by a mission focused on minimizing preventable death at home and abroad by providing top-quality products optimized for a broad range of end-user environments, Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. develops, supplies, and manufactures innovative tactical and medical equipment. Feedback from experienced tactical / medical professionals is integrated into all of their products, and trust is forged into each product through rigorous testing in the harshest, toughest environments on Earth. Representing the newest generation of trauma bandages, the Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. OLAES Modular Bandage is a direct result of the company’s faith and reliance upon the expert opinions of the professionals who influence their design-related decisions, which culminates into overwhelming amounts of versatility packed into a small package.

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. Four-Inch or Six-Inch OLAES Modular Bandage

The latex-free Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. OLAES Modular Bandage is the most comprehensive, feature-packed bandage available: Use it to cover minor wounds, apply effective pressure dressings, apply occlusive dressings, and pack severe wounds with one bandage. No detail has been spared in its immaculate design, including zig-zag-packed gauze that easily feeds from the bandage.

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. Four-Inch or Six-Inch OLAES Modular Bandage

The Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. OLAES Modular Bandage’s versatility is virtually unmatched: It is equipped with three meters of sterile, four-ply gauze, a removable, occlusive, plastic sheet located behind the dressing pad, and a unique pressure cup that generates true, focused pressure on top of the wound site where it is required, not circumferential pressure like an ineffective tourniquet. The pressure cup can also be removed and used as an eye cup for treatment of ocular injuries, as recommended in the new TCCC guidelines.

Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. Four-Inch or Six-Inch OLAES Modular Bandage

It lacks any degree of cumbersomeness, as it does not have any hooks or clips that may confuse, hinder, or delay care. Safeguards have been implemented, too, as Velcro “control” strips effectively prevent the Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc. OLAES Modular Bandage’s elastic roll from accidentally unraveling, all while securing the bandage during the application process. The bandage is available in either four-inch or six-inch lengths and in a single-box quantity or in a case of 100.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Be Prepared to Handle Any Serious Medical and Trauma Emergency With the EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag

EMI, having cultivated 35 years of product development geared toward meeting the complex, ever-changing needs of emergency medical professionals by offering gear wrought with intensity, insight, and impact, has enjoyed tremendous growth, exponentially expanding its product offerings and garnering industry acclaim along the way. A prime example of EMI’s focus on developing products influenced by modern, industry-related trends and enmeshed with the company’s dedication to supporting and serving EMS professionals is the popular Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag.

EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag

Fully equipped with everything emergency medical professionals need to handle the most serious medical and trauma emergencies, the EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag is constructed of durable 1000 Denier nylon. It measures 20 inches long by 12-and-a-half inches wide and stands 9-inches tall. Equipped with a removable-center section with 11 padded compartments and three adjustable sections, the bag is more than capable of accommodating the included supplies: bandages and accessories, airway-management tools, and EMS supplies and equipment, some of which include elastic bandages, eye pads, adhesive tape, alcohol prep pads, a plastic bite stick, and much more.

Transporting all the essential gear once securely stored in the bag is efficient and easy due to a top-carrying handle and an adjustable/detachable rifle-sling strap. The EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag is also well-ventilated: The top flap has elastic loops for airways. When working on-scene in poorly lit conditions, the bag’s bright-yellow trim on its two large, zippered-end pockets make them clearly visible, should you need to get to their contents quickly. Weighing 8.5 pounds, the bag is available in Orange or Navy colors, and a stylish Star of Life emblem adorns the top flap. 

Additionally, a Pro Response Complete Refill Kit is available separately, which includes all the supplies that accompany the EMI Pro Response II Medical Trauma Bag, save for a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope, tourniquet, instrument pack, Lifesaver Plus Seat Belt Cutter, and bag.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Change the Way You Think About Carrying Your Gear With the New, Durable, Compact, and Spacious StatPacks G3 Elevate Waist EMS Pack

Relying on advanced ergonomics and intelligent designs, StatPacks designs, builds, and markets innovative packs and accessories for emergency medical professionals. Fusing advanced, sports-mountaineering know-how with practical ideas from the front lines of emergency medicine, StatPacks strives to create products that keep the medic’s hands and mind free to handle the unexpected. Smart, compact packs reduce injuries and improve efficiency on the scene, which makes the new StatPacks G3 Elevate Waist EMS Pack an excellent choice for first responders who need to carry just enough equipment for fast patient stabilization.

StatPacks G3 Elevate Waist EMS Pack

Specifically designed to comfortably and efficiently carry all a first responder’s gear, the StatPacks G3 Elevate Waist EMS Pack features a foam-lined interior that protects all emergency equipment from breaking and shields it from all forms of weather-related damage. Featuring a storage capacity of 400 cubic inches, its large main compartment can easily accommodate a large number of first responder-related supplies. Organization is quick and easy: Its mesh pockets allow for excellent organization, so you can get what you need at moment’s notice.

StatPacks G3 Elevate Waist EMS Pack

Utilize the StatPacks G3 Elevate Waist EMS Pack’s quick-release, adjustable-buckled gear loop for immediate access to medical tape. Want to get rid of trash or temporarily store other supplies? Two quick-stash pockets on the pack’s outside-front side can easily accommodate that. Additionally, its comfy, padded waist belt serves a dual purpose: hands-free convenience and the ability to swing it in front of you so that you can quickly access its contents without removing it from your body. Additional specs include:

  • tarpaulin fabric with one-ounce urethane coating allows for easier cleaning and protection from the elements
  • weighs 1.2 pounds
  • dimensions: 3 inches high by 14 inches wide and measures 8 inches in diameter

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