Thursday, June 22, 2017

Prepare for Pediatric Emergencies with R&B

Dealing with sick or injured pediatric patients is a unique challenge that demands your full attention and quick, decisive decision-making skills. While dealing with these patients on-scene, vague alterations in both mental status and vital signs can suddenly and unexpectedly take turns for the worse and become critical at a moment’s notice.

R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack

Seems daunting, doesn’t it? So, what tools can you employ to assist you? When you’re responding to help a pediatric patient whose life hangs in a critical balance between compensated and decompensated, make sure you’re prepared by having the new R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack – the perfect choice for emergency medical professionals to have in order to keep all the equipment they need to deal with pediatric emergencies organized without needless repetition of supplies. Here’s why:

R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack

For over 40 years, R&B Fabrications, Inc.’s innovative designs and top-quality workmanship have allowed them to redefine industry standards, all while simultaneously ascending to the forefront of technological achievements in well-designed, high-quality, and practical products. Built from tough DuPont Cordura nylon and reflective trim, the R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack is incredibly durable, while at the same time offering lightweight organization that won’t weigh you down with unnecessary gear.

R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack

You can safely store a child BVM and a 1000cc IV pack in the pack’s ample, spacious, outside-front pocket without worrying about crushing and/or damaging them. Need quick, easy access to the R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack’s abundantly large, interior-storage compartment, which can easily accommodate a wide variety of advanced and basic supplies? Simply use its double self-healing zippers to accomplish that.

R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack

Utilize the pack’s elastic straps to securely hold intubation equipment, and store a wide variety of items, ranging from pediatric-sized guides to oxygen equipment, in nylon pockets located on its standing divider. Additionally, the R&B Pacific Coast Pediatric Pack’s quick-release handles serve a dual purpose: They allow you to quickly open and close it and keep all equipment safely secure, even with the zippers open. Other specs include:

  • the pack is available in a Purple color
  • weight: 40 ounces
  • dimensions: 13 inches long by 6 ½ inches in diameter by 14 inches tall

Make pediatric emergencies manageable. Be sure to check out for more information and to get yours.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cambridge Sensors Products

It’s becoming more and more common: You respond to a call of a patient presenting an altered mental status and/or bizarre, uncharacteristic behavior. The cause? A diabetic emergency. Encountering a patient in the pre-hospital environment with a medical history of diabetes must be factored into any emergency medical professional’s critical-thinking process when developing a differential-field diagnosis.

It goes without saying that you’re going to need to be prepared for these types of diabetic-related emergencies while on-scene. Backed by a 25-year track record of excellence in developing medical sensors for the treatment of diabetes, Cambridge Sensors has strategically positioned themselves in the diabetic market to offer value-added, high-quality products, all while staying cognizant to maintaining reasonable pricing. Three of their products assist in treating diabetic emergencies, each in their own capacities, and work extremely well when used in tandem with one another: the Microdot Code 69 Glucometer, the Microdot Bleach Wipes, and the Disinfection Case and Timer.

Microdot Code 69 Glucometer

The portable Microdot Code 69 Glucometer is a whole-blood-testing system that offers quick testing and generates accurate results. Built specifically for multi-patient testing, its front has an easy-to-read display that shows symbols, messages, and test results. A “C” button is used to set meter functions and to review test results in memory.

There’s no need to worry when treating the needs of patients with drug regiments, on dialysis, or respiratory therapy – the Microdot Code 69 Glucometer’s high-quality strip chemistry is specifically designed to accurately care for them. Microdot test strips are included with it and can easily be inserted into its conveniently located test port. Only a 0.6 ┬ÁL sample is needed to gather accurate results, and it is equipped with a beeper that greatly assists in testing.

The Microdot Code 69 Glucometer makes it easy for you to stay organized: The most recent 500 blood-glucose and control-solution test results and insular data are carefully stored within its memory, complete with corresponding dates and times. Get more information and purchase yours at

As a perfect companion to the Microdot Code 69 Glucometer, the ready-to-use Microdot Bleach Wipes are perfect for disinfecting, cleaning, and deodorizing 99% of the germs on the Glucometer. These pre-moistened wipes are imbued with a 1:10 dilution of bleach and can also disinfect hard, non-point-of-care equipment. Additionally, it works fast: Kill CDIFF spores, HBV and HCV in only three minutes, and HIV-1 and Staphylococus aureus in just five minutes. Get more information and purchase yours at

Microdot Bleach Wipes

Utilize the Microdot Disinfection Case and Timer to provide the appropriate contact time for the Glucometer and bleach wipes. This patented disinfection case is made in the U.S. and is ideal for ensuring your Glucose-meter-disinfection procedure is compliant and up-to-date. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

Microdot Disinfection Case and Timer

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Care-Flare: Essential Roadside Safety

It’s a dangerous truth: Crashes involving pulled-over vehicles are an all-too-common occurrence, usually with deadly consequences – especially to first responders. Each year, almost 350,000 parked- or disabled-vehicle crashes occur in the U.S. alone, which averages 507 fatalities and over 30,000 injuries. These deaths can be prevented with a modern, innovative solution: the Care-Flare LED Flare, a professional-grade tool that can easily be the difference between avoiding a potentially fatal vehicle crash or dealing with the devastating effects of one. Here’s why:

Care-Flare LED Flare

Representing the future of emergency-roadway safety, LED flares are rapidly becoming a go-to tool when working on-scene, worldwide. The intuitive-to-use Care-Flare LED Flare offers quick deployment and heightened visibility even when faced with the most extreme-weather conditions, including -40-degree-Fahrenheit cold and 104-degree-Fahrenheit heat.

Care-Flare LED Flare

Perfect for use when tapering lanes and warning oncoming traffic in a safe, effective, user-friendly way, the Care-Flare LED Flare offers a number of advantages over combustible flares, which are challenging to handle, burn at high temperatures, and can ignite fires and potentially injure those who use them. The Care-Flare LED Flare’s unique design can easily withstand any environmental hindrances, and its non-combustible light source provides an ideal, environmentally conscious alternative to combustible flares.

Care-Flare LED Flare

Coupled with its substantial height and the two light sequences it offers, you can be assured of maximum visibility: Its impressively potent light output can be seen from 2,000-plus meters! When you need to be on-scene for extended periods of time, the drop-resistant, IP67-waterproof-rated Care-Flare LED Flare can run for 70-plus hours without any battery changes. Some additional specs include:

  • it runs on four C-Cell batteries
  • length: 39 centimeters / 15.35 inches
  • width: 4.5 centimeters / 1.77 inches
  • height: 4.5 centimeters / 1.77 inches
  • run times: fixed red: 10-plus hours (generic alkaline batteries) / run time flashing: 70-plus hours (generic alkaline batteries)

Increase your visibility; increase your safety. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

Friday, June 2, 2017

Tek3 Cargos: The Functional Fit You’ve Been Looking For

A reliable pair of pants is an essential tool that allows EMTs and paramedics to perform at top levels while on the job. Additionally, think about all the environmental hazards that emergency medical professionals must endure on a daily basis. These potential occupational dangers make having a good pair of pants even more crucial, as they serve as the first responder’s first line of defense in the field.  Representing the next generation of the Tek2 series, the new Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers are durable, flexible, and fluid resistant, thereby delivering unmatched levels of comfort coupled with a wide range of mobility – an ideal combination for any emergency medical professional.

Constructed of a 65% polyester / 35% cotton-stretch twill blend, the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers are outfitted with double zippers, dual-access cargo pockets, and a solid structure, which solidifies them as a top-performing choice for any active shift. Dealing with inclement weather is no problem, seeing as how its Nano Fluid Repellency easily withstands various types of liquids, all while keeping you dry and comfortable and maintaining the fabric’s natural breathability, even after repeated washings.

Time is of the essence when working on-scene; you need to be able to move and react at a moment’s notice. This is where the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ Ladies’ Choice fit waistband with side elastic and a refined curtain enhances your every move, which in turn maximizes your efficiency. You can be confident in knowing that you’ll always display a professional appearance with the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ creaset front-and-back, permanent creases, and seam failure is made obsolete thanks to its stitched crotch. Utilize two dual, internal-and external-compartment cargo pockets for more-than-ample storage space that can easily accommodate all your small, but essential, supplies.

An infinitely versatile tool, a pocketknife can be clipped-onto either of the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ reinforced-notched front pockets. Similarly, two rear pockets with button-tab closures offer safe, secure storage of any additional supplies. Have to work in dark or dimly lit conditions? Not to worry, the Elbeco Women’s Tek3 Cargo Trousers’ 3M-brand, patterned reflective trim under the flaps enhances visibility, thereby increasing your overall safety when working on-scene.

Look great while being protected when performing all your essential job duties. Get more information and purchase yours at

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

PerSys Go IO: Immediate, Secure Access

As an emergency medical professional, you’ve seen it all while on-scene: patients experiencing shock, severe dehydration, cardiac arrest, major trauma, airway compromise, and more. PerSys Medical, a leading innovator of emergency-medical products for first responders worldwide, has once again developed a life-saving product that is specifically designed to handle the aforementioned ailments: the new PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit.

PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit

Regarding patients with the above-mentioned conditions, studies have shown that IO infusion is quick and has a higher success rate over administering fluids and medications during initial resuscitation, insertion of a central venous catheter, or insertion of an ultrasound-guided, peripheral venous catheter. Moreover, in patients experiencing cardiac arrest, IO infusion does not require stopping cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which greatly improves the patient’s overall survival rate.

PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit

This is where the effectiveness of the PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit is fully realized: It contains all the essential medical supplies needed to establish immediate IO access during emergencies. The uniquely clover-shaped NIO Fixation™’s durability under adverse conditions is formidable, allowing it to firmly adhere to skin, regardless of any environmental hindrances, namely water, sweat, or debris. All while allowing simple, secure IO stabilization. Its advantageous design enables ample flexibility and adaptability to various IO-insertion sites, such as the cylindrical-shaped humeral head, all while effectively preventing potential dislodgement.

PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit

The PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit’s Secure IV™ is lightweight and compact enough to fit inside any paramedic kit, but its useful features make it an ideal tool during challenging emergencies: Being able to rapidly achieve and maintain vascular access prior to transport is vital to successful casualty stabilization. It functions as an IV-constricting band, along with an IO/IV-securing device, which enables quick, easy IV access while preventing accidental line pulls. Simply adjust its easy-to-use, flexible Velcro® strap to secure an IO/IV line on wrists, arms, or legs. Similar to the NIO Fixation™, the Secure IV™ is effective on wet, sweaty, or even dirty skin.
Other essential supplies include:

  • two alcohol prep pads – local antiseptic
  • IO drill adapter
  • -90-degree-angle luer lock
  • patient wristbands to log important, patient-related medical information
  • one extension set with three-way stopcock

PerSys Go IO Intraosseous Start Kit

For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

True North Medic Pack: Reliable Organization

As a trusted source for quality bags, packs, and fire-resistant clothing and accessories for nearly one-quarter of a century, True North specializes in designing and manufacturing all the essential gear for an EMT or paramedic also serving as a wildland firefighter, such as equipment and fire-retardant clothing for wildland and structural fires, along with search-and-rescue operations.

True North understands that emergency medical providers, many of whom do, in fact, double as wildland firefighters, fully realize the challenges and imminent dangers posed by wildfires and recognize the inevitable aftereffects: erosion, landslides, debris flows, altered water quality, and others. This is why it’s imperative for emergency medical professionals to stay well-organized, thereby ensuring that all essential, first-aid equipment is readily available and accessible at all times. True North’s solution: the new True North Firefly Wildland Medic Pack – Gen 2, which is designed for easy carrying and maximum efficiency when its vital contents are needed. Here’s why:

True North Firefly Wildland Medic Pack – Gen 2

Constructed of sturdy, 1000D Cordura® Nylon webbing, the NFPA 1977-classified True North Firefly Wildland Medic Pack – Gen 2 is ideal for firefighters and EMTs who need to walk any number of miles to perform their essential, job-related duties. Featuring a cavernous 2,500 cubic inches of space, a trap pocket, and lash-down loops, you can virtually take just about all you need when you’re working the line. Organization is key: Its medic bag’s drop-front opening allows quick, full access to essential items, while removable, color-coded organizer pouches ensure everything is in its proper spot.

Small meds and bandages easily fit into zippered, clear-vinyl pockets, and an optional O2 case conveniently attaches to the bottom of the pack. Plus, two separate pockets can comfortably house any personal gear. When you need to traverse rough terrain for miles at a time, you can be assured that the True North Firefly Wildland Medic Pack – Gen 2 will provide amply ergonomic support thanks to its specially designed harness, while its MOLLE-system compatibility on the hip belt conforms to the 1-inch MOLLE-webbing standard, which also allows it to be fully compatible with all MOLLE accessories. Additional specs include:

  • technology: SCS™ Super Compression Suspension
  • 100-ounce (three liter) hydration pocket (reservoir not included)
  • SCS™-patented, shoulder-strap design
  • dimensions: 15.5 inches by 10 inches by 6.5 inches
  • weight: six pounds

Get the support, carrying capacity, and durability you need when braving wildland fires. Be sure to check out for more information and to get yours.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Go Hands-On With the Z-Medica Control Kit

As medical treatments become more efficient, armed conflicts increase in number, and civil events become more susceptible to chaos, the need for effective hemorrhage control has become a critically important issue among emergency medical professionals. As a result, medical, government, and other related markets are mandating more reliable ways to control bleeding and avoid hemorrhages, thereby saving more lives.

Z-Medica, LLC, a leading developer and marketer of hemostatic devices, is committed to meeting this demand by ensuring emergency medical professionals have the proper training they need prior to going out into the field, which is why they have developed the new Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit.

Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit

This excellent, hands-on training tool presents multiple wound patterns and comes with IO QuikClot® Combat Gauze® LE Moulage Trainer as well as five QuikClot® Combat Gauze® LE for demonstration/training purposes. The Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit provides a platform for learning hemorrhage control / wound-packing techniques used in conjunction with effective application of combat-gauze products. It greatly assists trainees in developing crucially important muscle memory along with an intricate understanding of the mechanical aspects associated with wound packing.

This unique training system fosters the development of critical motor skills needed to effectively utilize new hemostatic gauzes by using visual cues to create what is known as “bio-feedback”, which has been shown to quickly develop skills equivalent to that found using live animal testing while avoiding the use of animals. Medics that have trained on both have stated they have the same skill level and retention on both; the advantage going to this training unit for its ease of use, portability, and cost savings.

All QuikClot® products have passed biocompatibility testing and do not have any animal- or human-derived proteins or shellfish products associated with them, thereby rendering them safe and effective. Additionally, another advantage QuikClot® products have over other hemostatic devices is kaolin: a naturally occurring, inorganic mineral that has no known allergic or exothermic reactions.

Once an end user has successfully completed the web-based training program, it is recommended that he or she performs a practical demonstration of his or her skills under the tutelage of a qualified instructor.

Be sure to implement this essential choice for hemorrhage control into your training. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit