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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1 Pair of Boots=2 Pairs of Socks

We've got a fun, little promotional going on right now on theEMSstore.com and we're excited to let you in on it! Right now when you purchase any of the Reebok Dauntless Boots (there are 9 great pairs to choose from!), we'll also send you TWO free pairs of Reebok Brand Boot Socks as a thank-you!

The Dauntless Tactical boots range in size from 6 all the way to 15 and are available in medium and wide widths. There should be a pair for everyone!

The Dauntless Series features a TPU bruise plate, which provides the best stability and support in rugged terrain. It provides rebound with every step and bruise protection on any surface! The Dauntless series outsole is slip resistant so that you can handle the toughest conditions on the scene and maintain safety at all the right times. The outsole is also high abrasion resistant so they're gonna stay looking good, too. The outsole also provides surface gripping traction and lateral stability!

Now---go pick your pair!

Dauntless 8" Tactical Boot, Black, Side Zip, Soft Toe Waterproof

  • 8" Tactical Waterproof Boot with Side Zipper, Soft Toe, Black
  • Suede Leather and Ballistic Nylon Upper
  • Moisture Wicking Nylon Mesh with Aegis Microbe Shield Lining
  • Removale Breathable Cushion Insert Insole
  • Dual Density; Rubber Bottom and Lightweight Injected EVA Cushion Midsole

  • 6" Tactical Waterproof Boot with Side Zipper, Soft Toe, Black
  • Smooth Leather and Ballistic Nylon Upper
  • Moisture Wicking Nylon Mesh with Aegis Microbe Shield Lining
  • Removale Breathable Cushion Insert Insole
  • Dual Density; Rubber Bottom and Lightweight Injected EVA Cushion Midsole

Dauntless 8" Military Boot, Desert Tan, Composite Toe, Side Zip

  • 8" Tactical Boot with Side Zipper, Composite Toe, Desert Tan
  • Suede Leather and Ballistic Nylon Upper
  • Moisture Wicking Nylon Mesh with Aegis Microbe Shield Lining
  • Removale Breathable Cushion Insert Insole
  • Dual Density; Rubber Bottom and Lightweight Injected EVA Cushion Midsole

To see the other options of the Dauntless boots, click here. Order your boots today and get your 2 free pair of Reebok Socks!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Product Feature: Opioid Overdose Kit

According to WashingtonPost.com, 100 Drug-Overdose deaths occur each day. Drug overdose deaths now outnumber those caused by car crashes and homicide meaning that the numbers are jaw-dropping. A major problem in the U.S. is Opiate overdose. In fact, it has contributed significantly to accidental deaths among those who use, misuse or abuse illicit and prescription opioid analgesics. 

Sadly, overdose deaths involving prescription opioid analgesics have increased to almost 17,000, yes seventeen thousand deaths a YEAR. Drug poisoning deaths in the U.S. almost doubled in a decade, from 2001 to 2010. It's sad and heartbreaking the times we live in.

Opioids include illegal drugs such as heroin--but it's also inside prescription meds used to treat pain, common ones such as morphine, codeine, methadone, oxycodone (oxytocin, percodan, percocet), hydrocodone (vicodin, lortab, norco), fentanyl, and many more. 

Naloxone is the antidote to reverse opioid overdose. So the kit shown above is critical to anyone who believes they may be in the right place at the right time to help someone in this situation. 

This kit by Iron Duck includes secure storage spots for 2 Pre-filled Naloxone Syringes (2mg/2ml), and and inside mesh pocket for storage of multiple MAD devices. It's made of 1000D nylon, with room for a CPR Barrier Device, pair of exam gloves, and available in yellow or back. 

This is an ideal product for First Responders, Police Officers, Corrections officers, EMT's, Paramedics, Social Workers and even Community Outreach Workers. 

Get the Opioid Overdose Kit, today.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Product Feature: LSP Half Back Backboard Extrication/Rescue Vest

Allied Healthcare has come up with an extremely unique vertical extrication device. With the LSP Half Back Backboard Extrication Rescue Vest, it combines the capabilities of a full body harness with the ability to immobilize. 

Immobilization is key when/if the patient seems to have cervical/spinal trauma or it could be suspected, so doing it fast is key.

There are two important components to the LSP Half Back--a rugged, padded full body harness, and a removable aluminum back stay with head immobilizer. The point of this unique design is to allow for vertical extrication of a patient in a confined or elevated space, yet allows for rapid immobilization. It works well for patients in a confined or elevated space, including high-rise buildings, storage tanks, ships and automobiles.

Here are a few more of the features:
  • Removable aluminum back stay allows the LSP Half Back to be used as an immobilization device or as a rescue harness
  • Optional Vertical Lift Strap allows for quick vertical extrication of the patient
  • Closed-cell foam interior molds to the shape of the body, providing comfort and more complete body immobilization
  • Optional Helmet Immobilizer allows for treatment of helmeted victims
  • Comes complete with a V-shaped padded head rest and a full standard head immobilizer

  • Weight of Vest: 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg)
  • Weight of Back Stay & Head Harness: 3.5 lbs. (1.6 kg)
  • Dimensions Open: 34" (86.4 cm) long x 36” (91.4 cm) wide
  • Dimensions Closed: 34" (86.4 cm) long x 12" (30.5 cm) wide x 7" (17.8 cm) thick
  • Jacket: 2-ply water-repellent 1,000 denier Cordura® nylon; minimum tensile strength of 557 lbs. (253.2 kg) for each ply
  • Foam: 0.5"(12.7 mm) thick 2# non-absorbent closed-cell polyethylene
  • Back Stay: 5" (12.7 cm) wide x 33.5" (85.1 cm) long x 3/16" (4.8 mm) thick; 5052-H32 anodized aluminum alloy
  • Straps: 2" (5.1 cm) wide black nylon webbing with a minimum 6,000 lbs. (2,721.6 kg) tensile strength
  • Hardware: Forged alloy steel with a proof load of 2,500 lbs. (1,134 kg); mil spec P5220441
  • VELCRO® brand®: 0.75" (19 mm) and 2" (5.1 cm) black hook & loop

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Product Feature: Nasco Lifeform Infant Simulator

Dramatic new training aids are coming to the market every day to help demonstrate and simulate situations that our future medical responders need to practice. There's no doubt that the Nasco Lifeform Infant Intraosseous Infusion Simulator is doing just that.

With such a difficult procedure, a proper way to train was needed and it had been difficult to simulate in the past! Trainers and educators used to resort to using unsanitary chicken and turkey bones as teaching aids. But not anymore. The Intraosseous Infusion Simulator allows students to learn and practice I/O infusion with accuracy and realism, and also the more sanity and realistic alternative.

The simulator is cost effective and has inexpensive multi-use replacement "bones" and skins, which makes this a product you can train with for years. A 15-gauge needle is used during simulation, and each bone has 4 sides which all can be punctured several times.

  • Life/form® Intraosseous Infusion Simulator (represents a six-month-old infant)
  • 10 replaceable bone inserts
  • 2 sets of replacement leg skins
  • 2 white towelettes
  • Syringe with tubing
  • Blood powder
  • Sealing wax
  • ½ oz. liquid lubricant
  • Mixing bottle
  • Needle (15 gauge)
  • Hard carrying case
  • One-year warranty.
Check out all our great Training products right here

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Product Feature: SemperShield Disposable Nitrile Glove

Sempermed has always had some great disposable gloves which we've shared about before here and here. But now, they're offering the same great gloves with an extended cuff for better protection!

The extra thickness of the glove plus the extended cuff makes the use of these gloves for high-risk situations where your safety and protection is a must.

The SemperShield Disposable's have a textured surface which promises to deliver a secure grip without compromising the sensitivity you so need with the demands of your job. They're even safe for use with chemotherapy drugs.

One thing we super love about Sempermed USA Inc is their "GLove the Planet" commitment. They're aware of environmental impact and the footprint they make, therefore making sure their products lead higher efficiencies thus resulting in less waste.

They're saving over 1,500 trees a year by packaging twice as many gloves in every box, which has reduced their paper consumption by over 1.5 MILLION pounds.

To get your stock in the new SemperShield Disposable Nitrile Glove, shop our website today.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Product Feature: Zico Quick Release Cylinder Lift

Zico is at it, making your job easier once again, with the Quick Release Cylinder Lift! Making the job of putting up to a 200lb cylinder in the ambulance a task that anyone can do in a flash. 

The Quick Release Cylinder Lift raises and lowers cylinders "M" through "J" with a maximum lifting capacity of 200lbs. 

The automatic lift and lower of the gas cylinder happens with the touch of a switch, this way we're dealing with no back strains and injuries while fumbling a heavy cylinder into the ambulance. With a simple strap of the bottle in place, you raise it into the compartment. Once secured, you easily loosen the strap and pull the cart back. The great thing about this lift is it's ability to reach into the deepest of compartments.

The Zico Quick Release Cylinder lift operates off a supplied 12v battery, and the charger is indeed included with the purchase of the unit.

This helpful video shows exactly how the bottle lift will make your life easier. Give it a look!

You can purchase your Zico Quick Release Cylinder Lift on our website now, and will ship direct from the manufacturer.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rocky Alpha Force Boots on Sale!

The Rocky Alpha Force 8" Mens Boots are currently on sale and we want you to know about it!

These are a great option for a work boot when you're needed to report for duty protected and in style.

The big key feature here of these boots are the built-in waterproof construction, making sure your feet stay dry on the scene and off the scene. The special waterproof inner layer provides a special barrier that keeps water from entering your boot. If you're someone who keeps those work boots on for long periods of time, the last thing you want to be doing is walking around with damp or drenched feet. With the Alpha Force Boots, this will never be an issue!

Comfort will not be sacrificed when wearing The Alpha Force, oh no, not with an insole made from a contoured, removable polyurethane cushion. The material in the back of the boot is extra thick for those who put a lot of weight in your heels, keeping the ease off your feet.

The side-zipper feature of this boot makes them a fast on/off when you're needed in a hurry. No time for tying, no problem!

The special oil and slip resistant TigiTrac Outsole keeps you extra safe on those unsure-surfaces while being non-marking, too. No messy black streaks on the floor!

So, get your Rocky Alpha Force 8" Boots today, in widths Medium to Wide and sizes 7-14. There's sure to be the perfect fit for you.