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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Clipboards & Cases from Saunders

We love the Saunders brand and all they do. Not only do they create great aluminum form holders and clipboards, but as a US WORKS partner, they employ the blind, visually impaired, and disabled persons to work in their facility and make a living.  Today we have some of their new products to feature that are for sale on our website.

SlimMate Show2Know Safety Organizer

This is such a great, new design to keep important documents on hand and have clear at-a-glance communication during evacuations, emergencies, drills and training. You can signal the green side to show all is ok, or the red side to show that immediate assistance is needed. You have plenty of room inside to store your documents and hold a notepad/roster, etc. The Slimmate Show2Know Safety Organizer is a great addition to offices, schools, daycares, camps, hospitals and more. 

The Recycled Aluminum Padfolio is the sleeker, more organized, and earth-conscious way to carry a plain pad of paper. It's made with 30% post-consumer waste recycled aluminum, and is available in a sliver or black option. The Padfolio is designed to accommodate both left or right handed individuals. The internal-bend can hold our additional items securely, to keep all your important docs right there on hand. 


To see all the great Saunders options, check them out on theEMSstore.com

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Individual Patrol Officer Kit

The Individual Patrol Officer Kit (IPOK) made by North American Rescue is a compact solution to potential life-threatening situations. This kit is designed to provide personnel with a durable, individual hemorrhage control kit designed to treat bleeding and/or traumatic injuries.

The IPOK can fit into a BDU pocket, vest pouch, or individual bag, allowing you to keep a bleeding control kit on your person, where it's needed most in an emergency situation. 

The contents are vacuum sealed in an easy-to-open, durable package designed to quickly and efficiently handle any emergency. The contents include:
  • 2 Black Talon® Nitrile Trauma Gloves (1 pr.)
  • 1 C-A-T® (Combat Application Tourniquet®)
  • 1 Flat Z-Fold Gauze™
  • 1 Flat ETD™ 4-inch Emergency Trauma Dressing

Get your IPOK at theEMSstore today, so you can always be prepared.  

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Dynarex Elite Compressor Nebulizer

Dynatrex's Elite Compressor Nebulizer (ECN) is a great option to have on hand in your ambulance or at the doctor's office for patients who come in with severe breathing issues. 

The ECN converts prescribed medication into aerosol mist for easy inhalation. This product includes the standard accessories: air tube, mouth piece, filters (5pc), adult mask, and a child-sized mask. All the accessories can be stored in a convenient compartment. It is available to be purchased either individually or in cases of 4.

The ECN is warrantied for one year, and the120V-60Hz power cord for 2 years. 

To read more about the ECN or other medical supplies, visit theEMSstore.com.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bear-iatrics Bariatric Restraint

When handling obese/bariatric patients in an emergency, proper and safe restraint is key. With the Bear-iatrics Bariatric Equalizing Abdominal Restraint you're able to comfortably secure an obese patient to an ambulance, bariatric cots, and/or long backboards for transit.

This innovative product was designed to stabilize the large abdominal mass of an obese patient, providing the safest and secure transportation and transference. 

It's made from top quality, high-grade materials that are chemical-resistant, UV resistant, and washable with soap and water. The abdominal restraint features eight 1-1/2" frame straps that each have a tensile strength of 750lbs, and allow the restraint to be attached to a cot. The three black hook and loop Velcro straps on the underside allow the restraint to be attached to a backboard when necessary. There are six 2" abdominal straps that each have a tensile strength of 1,200 lbs. and will help comfortably secure the patient to the backboard using the wrap.


With a total weight of only 4.4 lbs. and it's included storage bag, this is a convenient product every ambulance should have on board.

Shop for the Bear-iatrics Bariatric Restraint on theEMSstore.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint

When it comes to children, safety is of utmost priority. The Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint helps to protect children being transported in ambulances by holding them safely in place on the stretcher, and preventing them from making any dangerous movements during transportation.

You can see exactly how it works by watching this simple video.


The restraint harness is made of a breathable, machine washable fabric that maximizes airflow and meets infection control standards. The child-patient will be comfortable in transport, as the harness is padded to reduce the risk of pressure sores.

If medical intervention is necessary there's a quick-release chest strap feature.

Available in four sizes, universally compatible with any cot, and serving children between 4 and 99 lbs., the Quantum EMS Ambulance Child Restraint belongs on your transport.

Read more details of the product on our website.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

MDI Full Body Mattress

MDI's EMS Immobile-VAC Full Body Vacuum mattress is a lightweight and durable immobilization system that's the new standard in care. 

With the Full Body Vacuum Mattress you can be sure that you'll give your patient the required immobilization and support without placing any unnecessary pressure on the injury site.

When using this product, no additional padding is required, as the mattress will automatically contour to the patient's body shape, providing maximum comfort and avoiding pain that can be common with back boards. This is the ideal solution for your elderly patients and long transports.

The heavy duty mattress handles are made with a comfortable grip and designed to transfer the patient weight to the straps for an even carry. The Immobile VAC System is made for easy clean-up as all parts are removable. 

This simple, yet highly effective aid for comfortable immobilization has been developed and tested throughout the world. Now, it's time for your department to try it.

Find the MDI Full Body Mattress at theEMSstore. 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Great EMS Headlight Option

For nighttime Search and Rescue, it's helpful to have a great flashlight you can rely on. The New Pelican 2780 LED Headlight is a wonderful option when you need light, but you also need full use of your hands. 

The Pelican 2780 gives you multiple light modes, providing you with the option for the Main LED (illuminating everything in front), the Downcast LED (illuminating everything below), Flashing mode (to be used as a beacon), and the Main/Downcast Combo LED mode for a more expandable view. As an added bonus, the 2780 is waterproof (IPX7, submerged to 1 meter for 30 minutes).

When you have 430 bright lumens shining from your head, you're enabled to conquer tough terrain by lighting up dark places and unseen obstacles. This light can serve as a great search and rescue option or do double duty as a task light when you're beginning to run IV's or splint a patient when it's too dark to see.

The Pelican 2780 LED Headlight features a pivoting head giving you a 70 degree directional beam so you can shine light exactly where you need it.

It also includes 3 interchangeable covers in black, white, and photoluminescent.

Using simple 4AA batteries, this bright, waterproof, and durable headlight will prove it's conveniences the first time you put it to use. 

View the Pelican 2780 LED Headlight in more detail on our website.