Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ergodyne Trauma Bag: Ideal for First Responders

Ergodyne’s pioneering focus is as straightforward as it is critically important: Provide innovative, well-constructed safety gear and training solutions that are rigorously tested and precision-crafted to effectively manage the elements, improve productivity, and provide protection to the professionals that utilize them each and every day.

During an emergency, you need to react and assess accordingly. A great way to do that is to be prepared. The Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag is a great way for emergency medical professionals to stay prepared and ready for anything that happens while on-scene. Along with providing ample storage space for large trauma kits and other essential, first-response equipment, it allows quick, easy access to it when needed. Here’s how you can use it to increase your emergency readiness:

Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag

The Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag measures 19-inches-long by 12-inches-wide by 8.5-inches-high, which results in 1,728-cubic-inches of spacious storage. Constructed of 600D polyester with reinforced backing that provides excellent abrasion and puncture resistance, you can customize your gear to best suit your needs with its 14-inch-long by 12-inch-wide by 8.5-inch-high main compartment. Adjustable internal dividers compliment the Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag’s main compartment extremely well, as you are able to compartamentalize your essential equipment so you can access it when needed.

Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag

Additional storage options for your essential equipment can be found in the bag’s side pockets. If minimal light is available on-scene, you can be assured you’ll be seen thanks to a reflective stripe found on each pocket that greatly enhances visibility. Additional specs include the following:

  • industrial-grade, double-pull zippers with improved pull tabs allow secure locking and provide reliable performance over the long haul
  • a wide, fold-down opening allows for quick, easy access to your equipment inside the main compartment
  • the bag is available in either a blue or orange color scheme

Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Elbeco Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket: Warm, Comfy Protection

With winter in full swing, battling the elements while on-scene becomes an ever-present challenge for emergency medical professionals. But don’t worry; Elbeco’s got you covered: As a reliable provider of quality products that easily exceed the expectations and enhance both the performance and experience of their customers, Elbeco’s new Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket is fully equipped and capable of keeping you dry, warm, agile, and protected. Here’s how:

Elbeco Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket

As part of Elbeco’s stretch, micro-fleece soft-shells in color-block styles, the Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket is designed to be worn as a stand-alone outer garment or as a mid-layer liner combined with their Shield Duty or HiVis shells to provide three-in-one, seasonality protection. The jacket features a two-way, full-length Vislon zipper, so you can easily zip up and be protected at a moment’s notice. The Elbeco Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket’s abrasion-resistant chin protector serves as a durable barrier against inclement-weather conditions.

Need to store all your essential gear for quick access when needed? Rely on the Elbeco Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket’s six functional, pocket-storage options, including large, lower-dual-entry pockets with fleece-lined, hand-warmer pockets with zipper closures and a “D” ring in the right pocket, plus dual, large, internal-patch pockets with zipper closures and communications-access openings. You can ensure that you’ll be seen while wearing it, even with little-to-no light on-scene thanks to the jacket’s heat-sealed, 3M-patterned, hi-vis reflective striping.

Elbeco Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket

Along with the Elbeco Shield Color Block Soft-Shell Jacket’s ample levels of protection, you can still enjoy top levels of comfort thanks to its fleece-lined body and collar. Its versatility is unrivaled: Utilize the jacket’s stealth loop (located at the cuffs), which allows attachment into multiple, outer-shell options. Additionally, an optional badge tab, mic loop, and name tape are included. Some other specs include:

  • “quick release” size-zipper vents with stability tabs with adjustable snaps
  • tricot-lined sleeves
  • low-profile, utility-shoulder snaps
  • HiVis jacket is ANSI 107-2010 Class 2, Level 2 Certified
  • the jacket is available in a number of sizes, ranging from X-Small to 4X-Large
  • the jacket is available in two color options: hi-viz yellow with red trim and red/navy

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

On-Scene Sanitation Is Key; Rely on Safetec Wipes

Safetec, a leading U.S. infection-control and first-aid-product manufacturer, has a team of in-house specialists that provide the necessary expertise, reliability, and compliance guidance to keep workers safe from cross-contamination of infectious diseases. Therefore, it is only natural that emergency medical professionals rely on their safety-conscious products to sanitize a number of personal safety equipment-related items. The Safetec Lens Cleaner Wipes and Equipment Wipes are specifically designed to do just that. Here’s why:

Safetec Lens Cleaner Wipes

Intended for use on glass, computer screens, plastic items, safety gloves, and more, Safetec Lens Cleaner Wipes have been reformulated to allow for a faster, streak-free drying time, which results in a crystal-clear finish every time. Measuring five inches by eight inches, the wipes are pre-moistened lens tissues and are anti-static, anti-fog, and silicone-free. Looking to conveniently store and access them? Safetec Lens Cleaner Wipes are perfectly sized for your backpack, pocket, or in the ambulance’s glove compartment.

Safetec Equipment Wipes

Perfect for on-the-go cleaning and protection of personal equipment, the Safetec Equipment Wipes easily remove dirt, dust, and grime, and then are easily disposed of once you are finished with them. Measuring five inches by eight inches each, the wipes are individually packaged, premoistened, alcohol-free towelettes that can be conveniently used anywhere and on all surfaces, including respirators, hard hats, and more.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Immobilize and Stabilize With Our Exclusive Fracture Kit

Picture this: You arrive on the scene of a motor-vehicle accident and are faced with numerous patients, all requiring immediate medical attention for their fractures that have varying degrees of severity. Time is of the essence, so you need to act fast and make decisions now.

Rather than adhering to an ineffective practice of carrying around just enough supplies to create splints to treat injuries for such a scenario, rely on our Exclusive Fracture Kit and be ready beforehand. Ideal for EMTs and other first responders with first aid knowledge, the easy-to-use Exclusive Fracture Kit is extremely efficient: Pre-constructed splints designed to effectively immobilize and stabilize a patient’s injured arm, leg, or shoulder are at your fingertips, ready to be used in the blink of an eye.

theEMSstore Exclusive Fracture Kit

The contents of the kit include one child-arm splint, one adult-arm splint, one child-leg splint, one adult-leg splint, and one arm/shoulder immobilizer. Each splint is constructed of heavy-duty, waterproof, X-ray translucent material with in-line fiberglass support that allows for secure stabilization and safe transportation.

Fully ambidextrous, the limb splints can be easily applied to the patient’s left or right limbs. Stay organized and ready with an included vinyl carrying bag with storage compartments that easily store and allow fast access to all the splints when that inevitable emergency scenario presents itself. The splints and carrying bag feature eye-catching blends of fiery red colors contrasted with appealing black colors.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Harsh Weather, Darkness Are No Match for the VizGuard Two-Tone Parka

By drawing inspiration from a tradition steeped in innovation and staying dedicated to infusing quality and durability into all of their products, Spiewak has applied decades of research toward improving outerwear performance for the emergency medical professionals who rely on them. The company’s pioneering VizGuard garments are designed to maximize worker safety and comfort through a combination of weather-protective materials and reflective, bright safety fabrics. The results of these advancements have yielded high returns in the form of the VizGuard Two-Tone Responder Parka, which is designed to keep emergency medical professionals warm and dry when working on-scene, regardless of the weather conditions.

Spiewak VizGuard Two-Tone Responder Parka

The Spiewak VizGuard Two-Tone Responder Parka’s breathable outer shell and three-piece drop-in hood are effective barriers against harsh elements. Comfort is augmented due to functional pit zips along with rain-shed yokes that keep it well-ventilated.

Spiewak VizGuard Two-Tone Responder Parka

Need to quickly access your essential gear? The Spiewak VizGuard Two-Tone Responder Parka’s side-vent zippers can efficiently handle that; plus, enjoy the added protection of the side-vent zippers’ storm flaps. Two mic clips on each shoulder along with two mic channels on the tops of each shoulder can easily accommodate front- or rear-facing mic placement.

Spiewak VizGuard Two-Tone Responder Parka

Doing your job in dark, cold, stormy weather is not a problem: The Spiewak VizGuard Two-Tone Responder Parka’s split-retro reflective trim illuminates you at night and in low-light conditions, thereby improving your overall safety. Some additional features include the following:

  • compliant to ANSI 107-2010 Class 2 and ASTM 1671
  • reinforced shoulder areas enhance its durability
  • an included badge tab can be sewn on to provide rapid identification
  • a removable tail piece allows for easy application of your name
  • the parka is washable; do not dry clean

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Use the Advanced Vacuum Mattress for Fast, Safe Transport

Thanks to an abundance of experience in providing healthcare solutions and medical devices to the EMS market – over 35 years in total – Quantum EMS specializes in allowing emergency medical professionals access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in pre-hospital, trauma, emergency, and critical care. Their unique range of innovations and cost-effective emergency solutions support immobilization, patient transportation, and first-aid services; all of which ensure that emergency medical professionals are fully prepared and ready to handle any emergency or evacuation.

Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress

The company’s newest advancement, the Advanced Vacuum Mattress, is specifically designed to effectively immobilize and transport patients with vertebra, pelvis, or limb trauma. It is equipped with three foldable PVC canvases, each fitted with polystyrene beads that mold themselves around the patient’s body when placed on it. To immobilize the patient, simply pump the air out through the high-security, plastic valve, and then seal it. The resulting pressure forces the polystyrene beads together, which augments the Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress’ rigidity, allowing for effective immobilization.

Comfortably and securely holding the patient in place on the Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress is easily achieved thanks to four adjustable, patient-support straps. Transporting a patient is equally efficient: Emergency medical professionals can utilize any of its 12 handles to safely and quickly evacuate a patient to the hospital.

In addition to being X-ray translucent and easy-to-clean, it is fire-retardant and waterproof, making it an ideal tool to use in temperatures that range from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress measures 106 inches long and 34.2 inches wide.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seconds Count, So Rely on Stat Tape For Accuracy

Picture this: You’re doing what you were trained as an emergency medical professional to do: Administer aid to patients. Sometimes, things get hectic and messy when doing this on-scene, making it extremely difficult to accurately document and transfer vital, patient-related information to the next emergency provider.

It’s even more difficult when different methods of organizing that information are introduced, as these methods may not be commonly shared by each and every emergency medical professional; that’s where Stat Tape, Patient Care’s usefulness is fully realized.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

Developed by a former Marine and an experienced paramedic, Alex Cope, Stat Tape, Patient Care is light, mobile, and easy-to-implement into any current, emergency-care protocol. Cope’s pioneering vision grew out of his innovative perceptiveness while on the job. He noticed that many medics would arrive at the hospital with numbers scribbled on a piece of tape on their legs, and then struggle to decipher what was written. This led to guessing, frustration, and even worse, wasted time.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

“I knew there had to be an easier way for medics to transfer information without guessing vitals. Thus, Stat Tape was born,” Cope said. “It cuts down on liability with hospitals, helps medics do their job, and (to manage) patient-care reports effectively. And ultimately, (it) helps the patient get 100% accurate treatment.”

Stat Tape, Patient Care

Cope’s vision took just three months to realize, from concept to completion. Stat Tape, Patient Care is the most common version used for most paramedics and EMTs. It aides the medic in documenting patient care from initial assessment, to SAMPLE history, and two sets of vitals (all on one 12-inch strip). Two other Stat Tape options are available, as well: Mega Code, which aids the medic or EMT during a cardiac arrest and the Trauma Triage, which is used for mass-casualty situations or any trauma-related call.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

The three-inch-wide, adhesive, hypoallergenic Stat Tape, Patient Care is perfectly suited for anyone who needs to transfer patients under duress, when every second could mean the difference between life and death. The Stat Tape, Patient Care’s printed template is designed to accommodate accurate, patient-related documentation, ensuring that this information can be quickly and accurately recorded, all while remaining with the patient throughout the transfer.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

To use it, simply tear away a section of the tape, stick it to your leg, and then record the patient’s vitals on the provided preprinted template (any pen will do). Next, attach the tape to the patient, which allows all pertinent, patient-related information to efficiently travel with the patient to his or her next level of care.

“Bottom line: Using Stat Tape, Patient Care made me a better medic,” Cope said.

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