Friday, September 22, 2017

Save a Child’s Life by First Training with the Crisis Manikin

It’s a universal constant: Kids excel at getting themselves into trouble, from pulling hot pots and pans filled with boiling water off stoves onto themselves to wandering into unsupervised pools. All that needs to be present is one potentially dangerous item to cause the worst of catastrophes.

As an emergency medical professional, you need to be ready well ahead of time to deal with various child-related medical emergencies. This is precisely why proper training is critical: Rely on a state-of-the-art, full-body manikin that offers realistic, child-airway management training, CPR education, and more: the Nasco Child Crisis Manikin with ECG Simulator.

Nasco Child Crisis Manikin with ECG Simulator

By combining all of the skill stations, the Nasco Child Crisis Manikin with ECG Simulator is able to offer extremely realistic training by simulating a five-year-old child, thereby providing complete PALS-training capabilities. The manikin’s anatomical accuracy is demonstrated in its life-like landmarks, which include a mouth, tongue, oral pharynx, epiglottis, arytenoids, vocal cords, trachea, and esophagus.

In addition to its palpable and visual landmarks, the Nasco Child Crisis Manikin with ECG Simulator’s head, neck, and jaw are fully integrated, allowing for a realistic, jaw-thrust feature. It also includes an Arrhythmia Simulator that is capable of recreating 17 adult heart rhythms and 17 pediatric rhythms. Utilize its separate left and right lungs for auscultation and its inflatable stomach bladder to indicate esophageal intubation. Some additional specs include:

a blood pressure arm that features:

  • a palpable radial pulse
  • a speaker in arm reproduces real blood pressure sounds

a defibrillation chest that features:

  • manual, automatic, and semi-automatic defibrillation modes
  • rhythms detected at four ECG sites and two defibrillation sites

an IV arm that offers:

  • articulated biceps for antecubital and dorsal access
  • replaceable skin and veins
  • smaller lumen tubing that simulates the size of a child’s veins

Get the accurate training you need before you’re faced with a child-related emergency situation. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit


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charloteequeen said...

"Learning first aid and CPR is not just about acquiring skills; it's about empowering ourselves to be everyday heroes. By investing in training to save a child's life, we're equipping ourselves with the knowledge and confidence to act swiftly and effectively in critical moments. It's a small commitment with potentially life-saving implications. Let's make the choice to be prepared, because every child deserves the chance to thrive, and every one of us has the power to make a difference."

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joe said...
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joe said...

"Absolutely inspiring! Training individuals in first aid techniques to save children's lives is not just an act of kindness, but a testament to our collective responsibility towards ensuring the safety and well-being of our future generations. Every moment spent learning these skills is an investment in hope and resilience. Let's continue to empower each other with knowledge and compassion, because every child deserves a chance at a brighter tomorrow. Kudos to all involved in this life-saving initiative!"

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