Thursday, August 31, 2017

Save Time and Lives with Water-Jel Fire Blankets

Burn wounds and injuries are usually devastating, inflicting long-term consequences on their victims. As an emergency medical professional, you need to be adequately prepared to effectively deal with burn-related emergencies, as every second becomes critical to saving lives.

As a leading authority on all types of burns, burn treatment, and household-burn safety, Water-Jel Technologies offers dressings and blankets that are ideal for first-aid burn treatment in a pre-hospital setting. The Water-Jel Fire Blanket is a vital tool to have in areas where high-heat flames, arc flashes, hot liquids, or chemicals pose serious burn injury-related risks. Here’s why:

Water-Jel Fire Blanket

Comprised of 100% worsted wool, the Water-Jel Fire Blanket is designed with an intercellular weave that can efficiently absorb up to 13 times its own weight in the scientifically formulated cooling gel in which it is soaked. To immediately alleviate pain and halt burn progression, it is equipped with a biodegradable, bacteriostatic, and water-soluble gel that instantly begins working upon contact.

Utilized by both emergency medical professionals as well as firefighters worldwide, the Water-Jel Fire Blanket’s gel is crystal-clear and fragrance-free, containing a 96% water-in-a-gel form to allow convective cooling – as opposed to evaporative cooling – which minimizes the risk of treatment-induced hypothermia. It is non-adherent, featuring hyaluronic acid and a paraben-free, broad-spectrum preservative system.

Water-Jel Fire Blanket

Additionally, an improved canister design allows the blanket to be easily and quickly removed for use, which means you can treat burn victims quicker and save more lives. The new design has an easy-grip handle that offers convenient carrying; there’s no bending, cracking, or resistance hindering you. Simply use its new grip-and-turn system to quickly open it, and then secure the blanket inside with an easy-lock mechanism. Other specs include:

blanket sizes:

  • 3’ x 2.5’
  • 6’ x 5’
  • 8’ x 6’

box or case quantity:

  • single-foil pouch
  • four pouches/case
  • single canister
  • case of four canisters

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The Water-Jel Fire Blanket is used by both emergency medical personnel and firefighters all over the world. Its gel is fragrance-free, clear, and contains 96% water in a gel form, allowing convective cooling as opposed to evaporative cooling, which reduces the risk of treatment-induced hypothermia.It's amazing to have access to such helpful information. This article offered helpful tips and information. I'm delighted this post raised awareness of the issue. This article was well-written and easy to understand. I can't wait to read similar things in the future. I have no doubt that this content will be helpful to a lot of readers. I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience.
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