Friday, June 16, 2017

Cambridge Sensors Products

It’s becoming more and more common: You respond to a call of a patient presenting an altered mental status and/or bizarre, uncharacteristic behavior. The cause? A diabetic emergency. Encountering a patient in the pre-hospital environment with a medical history of diabetes must be factored into any emergency medical professional’s critical-thinking process when developing a differential-field diagnosis.

It goes without saying that you’re going to need to be prepared for these types of diabetic-related emergencies while on-scene. Backed by a 25-year track record of excellence in developing medical sensors for the treatment of diabetes, Cambridge Sensors has strategically positioned themselves in the diabetic market to offer value-added, high-quality products, all while staying cognizant to maintaining reasonable pricing. Three of their products assist in treating diabetic emergencies, each in their own capacities, and work extremely well when used in tandem with one another: the Microdot Code 69 Glucometer, the Microdot Bleach Wipes, and the Disinfection Case and Timer.

Microdot Code 69 Glucometer

The portable Microdot Code 69 Glucometer is a whole-blood-testing system that offers quick testing and generates accurate results. Built specifically for multi-patient testing, its front has an easy-to-read display that shows symbols, messages, and test results. A “C” button is used to set meter functions and to review test results in memory.

There’s no need to worry when treating the needs of patients with drug regiments, on dialysis, or respiratory therapy – the Microdot Code 69 Glucometer’s high-quality strip chemistry is specifically designed to accurately care for them. Microdot test strips are included with it and can easily be inserted into its conveniently located test port. Only a 0.6 ┬ÁL sample is needed to gather accurate results, and it is equipped with a beeper that greatly assists in testing.

The Microdot Code 69 Glucometer makes it easy for you to stay organized: The most recent 500 blood-glucose and control-solution test results and insular data are carefully stored within its memory, complete with corresponding dates and times. Get more information and purchase yours at

As a perfect companion to the Microdot Code 69 Glucometer, the ready-to-use Microdot Bleach Wipes are perfect for disinfecting, cleaning, and deodorizing 99% of the germs on the Glucometer. These pre-moistened wipes are imbued with a 1:10 dilution of bleach and can also disinfect hard, non-point-of-care equipment. Additionally, it works fast: Kill CDIFF spores, HBV and HCV in only three minutes, and HIV-1 and Staphylococus aureus in just five minutes. Get more information and purchase yours at

Microdot Bleach Wipes

Utilize the Microdot Disinfection Case and Timer to provide the appropriate contact time for the Glucometer and bleach wipes. This patented disinfection case is made in the U.S. and is ideal for ensuring your Glucose-meter-disinfection procedure is compliant and up-to-date. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

Microdot Disinfection Case and Timer

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