Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Great Gift: Streamlight ProTac EMS, On Sale NOW!

Right now you can get the awesome ProTac EMS flashlight for 15% off. It's an amazing little light that would make the perfect holiday gift this year.

It's optimal non-glare soft light is perfect for pupil and wound exams, and has the power to function brighter with higher illumination for situations that require it. With it's 3-lighting functions it's truly a versatile and tough, perfect light for the EMS professional.

The ProTac features C4 LED technology that's impervious to shock and has a 50,000 hour lifetime. You've got the low, medium and high intensity levels that users love. The light is digitally regulated making the light consistent at each run level.

The bright EMS blue is made of a durable anodized finish and features the Star of Life emergency medical care symbol.

This light is remarkably compact, incredibly powerful and designed to be tough enough to work in extreme conditions when EMS need reliability most. The exceptional performance of the ProTac is powerful and excellent. It comes with a lifetime warranty, and so truly this light is one you'll never have to worry about again!

Check out more details of it on our site and get yours for 15% off today.

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