Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Product Feature: NEW EMI Rapid Response Pac

We've got a brand new EMI product sitting in our New Products Section of our site that we wanted to tell you about today. The Rapid Response Pac: designed for the first-on-the-scene or officer trauma emergencies. This pack has it all!

For severe bleeding issues the Rapid Response Pac provides the officer with Quick Clot, which is a superior blood clotting material that could save a life in a critical moment. The kit also features EMI's low profile black fanny pack that's got ample storage with three outside pockets, two large zippered interior pockets, giving you lots of ways to keep equipment organized.

The pack has an adjustable nylon webbing that can literally fit anywhere from tiny 20" waist to a 54" waist and with the quick-release buckle, is no problem to get off in a hurry.

The dimensions of the pack are: 10"Lx6"Hx5"W.

The Stocked kit comes with all of the following awesome materials:
  • Bandages & Dressings
    • 1 - 1" Adhesive Tape
    • 2 - 3" Sterile Conforming Bandages
    • 10 - 4"x4 Sterile Pads
    • 2 - 5"x9" Abdominal Pads
    • 10 - 1" Adhesive Bandages
    • 2 - Burn/Blood Stopper Bandages
  • Airway Management
    • 1 - CPR Lifeshield
  • Trauma Supplies
    • 2 - Instant Ice Packs (5"x9")
    • 10 - Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
    • 1 - Quick Clot
    • 1 - 3"x9" Vaseline Gauze
  • Trauma Equipment
    • 1 - Thermal Rescue Blanket
    • 2 - Pair of Black Nitrile Gloves
    • 1 - Deluxe Trauma Shears (Not Included with Refill Kit)
    • 1 - Penlight (Not Included with Refill Kit)
    • 1 - Lifesaver Seat Belt Cutter (Not Included with Refill Kit)
Just need the refill kit and no fanny pack? No problem. You can also get that here.

Be the first in with all the necessary gear with the EMI Rapid Response Pac.

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