Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NEW Gerber Ding Dong Tool. Yes, the Ding Dong. Check it out!

Check out this new Gerber Ding Dong Breaching Tool! It's a sledgehammer, battering ram and pry bar, all in one, and we know you'll love it.

Combining these three useful tools into ONE convenient tool helps you to quickly and effectively breach obstructive doors and surfaces when needed in an emergency situation. 

Check out this video:

Measuring at 27" long the Ding Dong Breaching Tool features an enlarged steel hammer head with machined cross-hating that effectively bites into doors and other surfaces as you smash into them. The cross hatching minimizes slip and maximizes impact! 

The enlarged pry bar at the other end of the handle is ideal for wedging into door frames. It's made of a reinforced fiberglass plastic core with a polyproplyene overmold. The handle of the Ding Dong has two molded rings equally spaced apart to create mechanical stops for the operator's hands. It also provides the user with a solid and sure grip when ramming or swinging into objects. 

The unique mounting system contains a MOLLE-compatible fiberglass carrying plate, which the Ding Dong mechanically snaps to, and also a quick-detach heavy rubber strap that holes the tool in place on the plate. This is capable of performing sledgehammer duties, the Gerber Ding Dong Breaching Tool, with a name you'll never forget, is a tool that will serve you well in the line of duty.

Go get yourself one. 
  • Overall Length: 27”
  • Weight: 12.25 lbs.

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