Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Meret Bag Features

You may have heard that the Meret bag 4000 series are all being replaced by the new 5000 series now. These bags are no joke, they're top of the line and made to function just as you need on the scene. We want to feature a few of them so you can get a better feel for the new features and best decide which blog fits your need.

First up, the Meret Omni Pro EMS Response Bag:

This bag is built to help you proficiently and rapidly deploy medical care in a critical moment when life saving is needed. The Meret bags are built from the strongest materials and made using a smart design that we know it's users will love. This bag gives you the versatility to modify it to fit your requirements. It delivers a completely customizable experience and gives you a solution to organization for your equipment.

Basically, this bag converts your normal 2 bags into a 1 bag system, eliminating your need for an entire extra bag. It has 1 deep-stuff pocket and 2 stick-it strips, including a shoulder strap with metal hardware. The increased size of this bag means it can now support the All-in-One VIPR O2 systems.

The bag is made with double stitching on all stress points so tearing isn't an option. Users love it's oversized zippers and matte-chrome hardware. Built with an inner-foam construction to help maintain shape and give you extra protection for important contents. 

There are so many little details about this bag that you can't miss here on our site. Available in different color options, even. Be sure to check it out and read all about it online.

This is the bag built for the professional. Designed to take in exactly what you need when you arrive on the scene. This bag is built for versatility with a smart design made of the strongest materials, that can be modified to the exact requirements and equipment you need to carry. The First-In Pro gives you a lightweight solution to carrying and organizing all of your basic supplies and protective equipment that will address those immediate patient needs until further assistance arrives.

This hands-free, ergonomically designed solution that can be customized to you is the perfect option to reduce pressure on the side or lower back thanks to the padded lumbar pad. It's designed with TS2 ready system functionality, and offers the ability to attach an additional TS2 ready module in the front depending on your requirements. 

Read more of the details and info on this great bag here

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