Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Altair Pro Single Gas Detector

The Altair Pro Single Gas Detectors are literally life-changing.  With one year of no-maintenance protection between battery changes, just attach it to your jump bag, and unless you hear the alarm? Forget about it. 

With two bright LEDs, a piercing 95dB audio alarm, plus a vibrating feature, you'll be warned when you're in the presence of unsafe levels of gas. This little, compact, rubber-armored single gas detector is guaranteed to work continuously at the highest level of performance in the toughest industrial and emergency environments.

This little guy needs no maintenance, no additional calibration, and won't get damage from dust, moisture, or impact. 

What users love is the ALTAIR Maintenance-Free Gas Detector allows easy testing, event monitoring and data collection, as well as user-adjustable alarm set points and manual calibration using the built-in IR communication port and the optional MSA infrared adapter with your PC.

Some more features:
  • Automatically records the last 50 alarm events
  • Bump check made easy
  • Built-in auto calibration for long-term, maintenance-free accuracy
  • Calibration may also be easily performed by the user without special tools, or via IR communication
  • Rubberized armor housing and simple one-button operation keeps the system working reliably in the toughest environments
  • Data Logging default setting is three-minute peak readings. This sample rate is configurable via PC from 15-second to 15-minute peaks or a one minute peak average
  • Replaceable standard sized CR2 lithium battery
  • Replaceable sensor, warranted for 2 years along with unit
  • Compact dimensions: 3.4" H x 2.0" W x 1.0” D
  • Heavy duty suspender clip plus several clip options for a wide range of attachment styles
  • Distinctive triple-alarm system
  • Durable, rubberized-armor housing design
  • IP67 rated for water and dust resistance
So pick which gas you want your meter to detect, purchase that meter, clip it on and forget about it! Make your life a little safer with the Altair Pro.

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