Tuesday, September 30, 2014

EMS Ballistic Vests

In the world we live in today, Ballistic Vests are necessary in many of the dangerous, active-shooter situations we find happening all over the country. While you're on the scene making others stay alive, you must also stay safe. At theEMSstore we have a few different EMS Ballistic Vests that will do just that.

Point Blank: R20-D EMS Accessory Carrier with C-Series Ballistics

Engineered for Superior Performance. Designed for Maximum Comfort. The R20-D is ideal for EMS who have occasional equipment-carrying assignments. This vest contains level II Point Blank Ballistic Panels or you can easily insert one of the ballistic panels from all three concealable vests, including VISION™, HI-LITE™ Proformance SS2, and C-Series. In minutes, EMS has ballistic protection with load bearing capabilities.

Point Blank: HI-LITE Proformance, Level II, Male Ballistic Vest, NIJ 06, 2 Carriers

Comfortable, flexible protection at a lifesaving price. A complete package with two re-designed HI-LITE carriers and a Soft Trauma Plate Rigorously tested to meet new NIJ 06 Standards, Special Threats, and Military V50 specifications.
  • New carrier design provides greater range of motion, flexibility and adjustability.
  • Patented Self-Suspending Ballistic System™ keeps ballistic panels from rolling and sagging inside the carrier
  • Heat-sealed waterproof & antimicrobial ballistic panel cover protects ballistics against moisture, mildew, sweat, even total submersion
Available in black, blue or white.

There are a few more Point Blank options you can choose from on our site, or Accessory Carriers Only with EMS printing. But whatever you choose, choose to be SAFE.

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