Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NEW T3 Lightweight Assault Litter

The New T3 Lightweight Assault Litter is designed for Special Operation Forces where every single pound matters. This Litter is made with state of the art materials and made with new technologies that allowed the makers to reduce the weight without compromising an ounce of overall strength. When it comes to an evacuation platform, you need dependability. And with the New T3 Lightweight Assault Litter, that's what you'll get.

The overall length of this platform is 81" and enables floor loading on a UH-60 helicopter while also allowing for maximum maneuverability during casualty evacuation in urban terrain. This weighs in at less than 12 pounds, making it the lightest rigid litter in the world. 

The litter provides 2 straps when needed to secure patients and has 4 IV attachment points. The ergonomically correct handles keep the carriers hands feeling good while allowing them to do their job securely. It's designed to be a quad-fold which allows it to be compact when being stored, giving maximum space storage. Folded, it's 21" x 8.75"x 7.25".

N.A. Rescue, the makers of this great new Assault Litter operates by the 3X Standard: Exact, Extreme, Extraordinary. 
  • EXact..
    Products designed explicitly for flawless performance in prehospital applications
  • EXtreme..
    The absolute highest technical fabrications for ultimate precision and durability
  • EXtraordinary..
    Meticulously designed to function perfectly in a far-reaching scope of real-world applications
You can be sure you're getting well made products, that operate by a high standard when you order a NAR product.

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