Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Product Feature: ClearCollar: Adjustable Cervical Collar

The draw to the ClearCollar Adjustable Cervical Collar is that medical personnel can assess a neck wound of a patient without the removal of the collar, causing less harm than if it were to be removed. 

The post-trauma changes in the neck may be a primary indicator of thoracic injury and can develop into life threatening conditions. 

The patented transparency function of the ClearCollar allows medical personnel to visually monitor a patient's condition from the moment the wound is covered by the collar being placed on the neck, until it's determined safe to remove.

Traditional collars put the patient at risk of motion, which can result in severe cervical spine injuries. Having to open and close the collar repeatedly for inspection can cause more harm than good. With the ClearCollar, that risk is reduced drastically, ensuring safer care for patients and reduced liability for medical providers.

Other cervical collars differ in features like size, shape, comfort level, price point and material, but none of them address the critical issue that ClearCollar does, which makes it a a cut above the rest. 

  • Adjustability allows for a perfect fit every time with every patient
  • Provides constant visual assessment
  • Allows for early detection of JVD, tracheal shifts, blunt traumas, hematomas, and more
  • Better vision of undetected injuries
  • Large posterior and anterior openings for easy palpation and access
  • Lightweight and clinically superior
Check out the ClearCollar's today and make them a part of your life-saving gear!

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Nancy Weaver said...

Having cervical collars is really very important most specially when there are accidents. Having these neck brace will stabilize the neck of the person that has possible trauma. The clear collar will provide clear visual for the medical team to assess. -www.ohmmedical.com