Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Product Feature: theEMSstore Exclusive Deluxe Response Pack

One great pack, filled with so many awesome things you'll need for first response---theEMSstore Exclusive Deluxe Response Pack is where it's at. Filled to the brim with the following tools, you're sure to be ready for action!

  • Meret PPE Pro Pack
  • Primacare Penlight
  • Boker Magnum EMS folding knife
  • EMI Window punch
  • EMI EMS Shears, blue
  • ViralClyns N95 mask
  • ZMedica QuikClot Sport 25
  • WANTYNU T1 O2 wrench

The Meret PPE Pro Pack is a bag that's designed to easily carry and deploy infection control precaution supplies. This pack is designed to give you quick access to gloves and other supplies on each call, without opening the main compartment. It maintains a compact and professional look, therefore we believe it's the best PPE bag available. It's a lightweight bag that can be a belt pack, designed to be a comfortable carry on your belt or as an extra on your gear bag. It's such a great option bag if you want hands-free, and backed by a manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty.

Packed with all sorts of fun stuff, mentioned above, you can see all the details of the products inside on our website.

Get your own theEMSstore Exclusive Deluxe Response Pack, today!

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