Saturday, August 17, 2013

Product Feature: TK-4L One-Handed Leg Tourniquet

For men and women in combat environments, immediate first aid can be the difference between life or death. The H&H Associates TK-4L One-Handed Leg Tourniquet is what you need to have on hand in these situations to avoid the worst.

When tourniquets are applied at this point on the leg over materials such as a uniform, as is normal, the tourniquets were either not strong enough to fully pressure the area or the users could not or would not place maximum force on the tourniquet.
In order to allow the user to put maximum pressure with the tourniquet, H&H modified the TK-4 to create the TK-4L to give the user the ability to apply the maximum capable force on lower extremities.
The TK-4L updates the TK-4 design by putting a tension fixture at one end of the strap. The added aluminum tension fixture results in the ability to apply maximum manual force to the strap and increase the blood loss stoppage capability of the strap.
Choose from:

  • Individual – 40"x3" Wide, (1) Steel Hook and (1) Aluminum Tension Fixture
  • 1 Case – 40"x3" Wide, (1) Steel Hook and (1) Aluminum Tension Fixture, 50 per case
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