Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Product Feature: Bridgford Food, Ready To Eat Rehab Sandwiches

Ready To Eat Sandwiches.... WHY NOT

The Bridgford Food Sandwiches are the perfect thing to keep on hand in your hurricane kits, in your truck in case you forget lunch, on an ambulance, or to take to the deer stand when hunting. 

With a 3 year shelf life, you can buy now, save for later. They were originally designed for the United States Military as combat feeding rations for the "Troops on the Go". They needed a product that tasted great and gave nourishment whether on day one or day 1,095. 

The sandwiches are no refrigeration required and maintain their 3 year shelf life at 80 degrees or less. At 100 degrees, they hold up for six months. 

No one wants to think about the potentials of disasters, but having some of these on hand if you live in hurricane or tornado zones could prove valuable for your disaster preparedness. 

The Bridgford Ready To Eat Sandwiches are designed to be eaten straight from the pouch, so you simply tear the notch, remove the sandwich, and enjoy. 

The sandwich variations are italian, honey bbq beef, honey bbq chicken, apple turnover and cinnamon bun. So your stomach should certainly be rumbling by now!

Sold individually or in cases, we're sure to cater to your ready-to-eat sandwich ways. 

Check out the great reviews of this product on our website, here.

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