Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Product Feature: Mettag, Medical Emergency Triage Tag

The Mettag Medical Emergency Triage Tags are the standard identifying tag used in trauma triage by Fire Departments, EMS & Military for mass casualty incidents. The tags are used to perform a prompt and accurate assessment of a patients needs and injuries, then identify them properly, so that correct medical attention can be given to them.

The tags are absolutely imperative in a MCI (mass casualty incident) so that there is a reliable method of assessing victims and assigning them with an appropriate triage or priority status based on the severity of injuries.

The MT-137 Triage Tag has been tested and proven over 30 years time. It's made of a damage resistant material, allowing use in the harshest and most demanding field situations. Each tag is equipped with an elastic band that can attach to the victim's body, around their neck, or an available limb.

Each tag is equipped with it's own barcode serial number, which aids in identification and tracking of the wounded and their belongings.

The use of standard graphic symbols on the tags and a four-color tear-off triaging system makes this a universal tool, with no language or literacy barriers, and can be used with minimal training experience.

If your department or agency is looking for a truly effective way to respond to a mass casualty incident, or for training exercises, then the Mettag Medical Emergency Triage Tag is the one for you.

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