Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Product Feature: Meret Oxygen Cylinders

The Meret Oxygen Cylinders are a great choice for EMS providers because they're the perfect size! Not only that, but with the hand tight "z-valve", no oxygen key is needed.

These are a great choice for anyone needing a portable system for oxygen but still needing a significant amount of oxygen supply. We have available the D, the JD (Jumbo D), and E size cylinders which can supply oxygen to a variety of sources.

It's important for EMS providers to have access to oxygen cylinders since they're used in everyday treatment of the sick and injured. The D and Jumbo D cylinders will fit into the Omni Pro, Recover Pro, or the Go Pro 02 Reponse bags.

The "Z" Valve (shown above) provides a great hand tight on/off valve which requires no extra equipment to operate. No need to have that clunky key hanging off the side of the bottle, anymore. Since the "Z" valve incorporates an o-ring seal design technology, it requires less torque than standard US and foreign manufactured valves. Each of which are 100% leak tested to full service pressure.

Features & Details
  • All cylinders come standard with a "Z" valve (a hand tight valve), Toggle valve, or standard Post valve
  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • D cylinder - 425 liters capacity; 20”H x 14”circumference
  • JD cylinder - 623 liters capacity; 20”H x 16.5” circumference
  • E cylinder - 660 liters capacity; 28”H x 14” circumference

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