Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hartwell Medical Biohoop Emesis Biohazard Bag

Let's be honest, talking barf bags isn't exactly the most exciting thing ever, but in this line of work--it just has to be done. Emesis bags are important, and making sure there are waste containment options isn't something to be taken lightly.

The BioHoop Emesis bag is a versatile, leak-proof bag that will solve all your waste containment needs and more. With it's semi-rigid rim helping to keep the bag open, it provides a large target for the patient. It can stay open and be ready for immediate use. It's 8"x13" size prevents spillage and allows for larger biohazard waste as well as evidence from accident scenes. Not to mention a perfect size for a patent's personal belongings like cell phones, wallet, watches and glasses.

The instant closure of the BioHoop bag is great, with just a pull of the strap to cinch up tight, making it a leakproof container that won't spill in transport.

The design also provides a protective perimeter cuff to protect your hands from bodily fluids or contaminants. The clear front of the bag makes it easy to examine the contents of the bag, so you know exactly what you're dealing with, but the opaque back allows you to turn it so contents won't be visible if desired. The front of the bag even has a volume indicator, which gives you a good at-a-glance reading.

The bag is easy to hang with it's hook to stretcher rails, hospital beds, wheelchairs, turnout gear pockets, etc. Or use the clip to attach to a patient & keep all personal belongings with them.

Sold in packs of 12 or 40 packs/case.

The Hartwell Medical BioHoop Emesis Biohazard Bag

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