Thursday, May 3, 2012

Product Feature: PRO-ECO Spineboard

Rapid Deployment Products and bring you the PRO-ECO Spineboard!

  • 500 lb. single patient weight capacity
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • Size: 72” x 16” x 2 1/4”  
  • 16 - 2” x 5 1/4” hand holes       
  • Tapers from 16” to 14” at foot end
  • Yellow only

The seamless design of this spineboard prevents fluids from spreading and eliminates cross contamination. The board is designed to keep the patient centered, and is compatible with all head immobilization devices on the market. The Stiffening system in handgrips makes the XT the strongest x-ray translucent spineboard available.

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