Thursday, May 3, 2012

Product Feature: Disposable Oxygen Bag Valve Mask

If you're looking for Disposable Oxygen Bag Valve Masks, we've got you covered at theEMSstore! An item that just cannot be forgotten in your bag or kit, we have them available in infant, child, adult, or sold as individuals or packs of six.

The Allied Healthcare Disposable Oxygen Bag Valve Masks are made of a thermoplastic rubber (latex-free!), with a high density polyethylene deflector.

Every BVM comes with a bag, patient valve, and 7 feet of oxygen tubing. All infant bags come with a pop-off relief valve, which pops off at 45 cm H20 max and can be overridden by the operator. When specific repeatable concentrations of oxygen are required, the bag refill valve can be employed in conjunction with a blender. When used as oxygen supplemented source, this device also ensures high FIO2 concentrations on every bag compression — no matter which clinical rate is employed. It will also conserve gas in the process by operating only while the bag refills.

Don't overlook this little, but oh-so-important device. Click here to purchase your stock, today!

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