Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Product Feature: Simulaids, 2157 – Sani CPR Family Pack

Proper training is one of the most important parts of being a great EMT. Without proper training, you wouldn't be able to perform the life-saving skills you need on the scene.

Featuring the Simulaids 2157-Sani CPR Family Pack.... with 2 Adult Sani-Manikins, 1 Sani-Child, 1 Sani-Baby, plus a carry bag & supplies, at a family price!


• One convenient kit lets instructors train students on all different size “patients”… as economically as possible.
• Simple, single-use face shield/airway/lung system means no cleaning, no disinfecting, no disassembly required.
• Realistic head tilt-chin lift is required to open the airway. Palpable landmarks ensure proper hand placement.
• Foam-filled torso provides resistance to compressions and observable chest rise to verify ventilation.

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