Thursday, May 3, 2012

Product Feature: Not your average EMS bag, the Shoulder Slinger.

I'm sure you're already seeing a trend here. Bags, bags, bags galore! EMS professionals know that the gear needs to be carried, somehow, some-way. Most of all, it's got to fit your personality, what's comfortable for you, and what's easiest for you to be your quickest and most organized on the scene of an accident when you're needed FAST.

Enter in the G1 Med Slinger EMS Shoulder Pack by StatPack. 

Your average bag? It is not. A unique, shoulder sling design makes for a quick and easy way to transport the bag, packed with the popular modular design for organizing all the necessities. The easy sling design allows for you to swing the bag from front to back, having quick access to everything you need in an instant.

With 1800 cu. in of versatile space, available in red or black, this high performance pack might just be the perfect one for you.

"I keep the Med Slinger in my personal vehicle so that I will have it with me where ever I go when I'm not on the fire apparatus. My department lets us respond P.O.V. if we are closer to the scene than the station, in which case it is nice to have whatever in need right at my finger tips."
-Philip E., Walnut Hill, FL

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