Sunday, April 29, 2012

Product Feature: Meret: OMNI PRO EMS; BLS-ALS Equipment Bag; TS-Ready

A great bag for first responders who want organization, and plenty of storage! 

(With lots of customization options as pictured!) 

• The versatile foundation for a complete system of interchangeable Total System (TS)-Ready™ first responder bags
• Optional TS-Ready™ gear modules simply attach to the bag's sides. Add or change modules in minutes.
• The innovative SLIDERS system lets you customize the main compartment to organize and secure large and small items.
• OneView™ technology allows all main compartments to open completely in front of the responder, for immediate ID and access
• Overlapping storage panels keep internal contents in place and provide access to additional TS-Ready™ DEEP STUFF Pockets and STICKIT STRIPS.
• Ergonomically designed for comfortable carry as a backpack, shoulder bag, or briefcase style.

Interested in the EMS Equipment bag? Check it out here!

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