Wednesday, April 12, 2017

SureFire Pocket Light: Always Ready

Scene illumination, an often-neglected aspect at emergency scenes, is absolutely critical to safely moving around, finding all involved victims, and properly triaging, assessing, and treating injuries, especially at night or when dealing with heavy fog that can hinder vision. With it, the fact remains that patients and injuries can be detected as soon as possible, if you’re prepared with proper illumination beforehand.

SureFire Compact Pocket Light

As a company that has become synonymous with excellence in hand-held illumination tools, SureFire, LLC – a leading manufacturer of rugged, powerful, and compact light-based tools, some of which include flashlights and headlamps, among many others – understands the critical importance of proper illumination in regard to doing your job properly and accurately. The new, ultra-powerful SureFire Compact Pocket Light was specifically designed so that it can be carried and used by emergency medical professionals whenever the need arises to have adequate illumination, which can, ultimately, lead to more lives being saved.

SureFire Compact Pocket Light

This LED illuminator can be attached to keys with the use of a split ring, making it readily available to carry and use during emergencies or just for everyday use. Featuring a high-performance LED and a special-faceted reflector that can produce a broad, smooth, 300-lumen MaxVision Beam, the SureFire Compact Pocket Light is comprised of a sturdy, polymer body, but it is lightweight enough to be easily carried in a pocket or first-in bag.

SureFire Compact Pocket Light

It offers three output levels: high, medium, and low, all with different features and benefits. All dark areas at night are brilliantly illuminated with the high setting’s 300-lumen MaxVision Beam™, thereby providing you with peace-of-mind navigation with a useful range well past 50 meters. Despite its medium and low settings having 60 and five lumens, respectively, each offers much more runtime and more than enough light for completing close-up work. Some additional specs include the following:

  • a click-type switch is easy to use and allows quick access to all three output levels with repeated presses
  • a micro-USB charging port is used for recharging of its integral Li-ion battery
  • its compact, polymer-constructed body is weather-resistant
  • length: 2.5 inches
  • bezel diameter: 0.58 inches
  • weight (with batteries): 2 ounces

Get the light you need to do your job well and save lives. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

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