Thursday, April 20, 2017

Securely Immobilize with the iTec Multigrip

Picture this: You arrive on-scene of a motor-vehicle crash. After performing an initial assessment of the damage to the vehicles, which is considerable, you see the vehicle occupants, one of which is in need of assistance. While not bleeding profusely, the occupant, who is conscious but obviously in some discomfort, still needs to be treated with care. Any inadvertent movement of the cervical spine needs to be avoided, so that’s why you need to rely on the iTecMultigrip Disposable Immobilizer – a complete system for all your head-immobilization needs.

iTec Multigrip Disposable Immobilizer

Designed by a firefighter almost 30 years ago, the iTec Multigrip Disposable Immobilizer is fully compatible with most c-collars and backboards, and it has been extensively used throughout the US and Canada…and for good reason. Here’s why:

iTec Multigrip Disposable Immobilizer

Each lightweight, water-resistant, and X-Ray transparent iTec Multigrip Disposable Immobilizer is thermo-sealed with a head and chin strap. To use it, unroll its cylinders and slide them under the patient’s head. Its included head and chin straps can easily be applied when needed, and there’s no need to worry about anything sticking to your gloves, so your hands will be free. Dealing with a patient who’s wearing head protection? No problem: The iTec Multigrip Disposable Immobilizer is an excellent tool for stabilizing patients wearing motorcycle or sporting helmets.

iTec Multigrip Disposable Immobilizer

Using the label as a center line, tear the liner of the headstrap in the center. Then, hold the label above the patient’s head and pull back the liner, thereby exposing the sticky side of the tape, and attach it to the iTec Multigrip Disposable Immobilizer’s conveniently located multigrips. Roll the cylinder toward the patient’s head and attach the tape to the backboard; repeat this process on the opposite side. This same method can be used with the yellow chin strap, as well. Finally, push the tape under the backboard, all while pulling the liner out. Additional specs include:

  • age compatibility: infant, child, and adult
  • box or case quantity: individual, case of 45, case of 50

Don’t be without this critically important tool when on-scene. For more information and to get yours, be sure to check out our sister site’s – – eBaystore.

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