Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Use the Advanced Vacuum Mattress for Fast, Safe Transport

Thanks to an abundance of experience in providing healthcare solutions and medical devices to the EMS market – over 35 years in total – Quantum EMS specializes in allowing emergency medical professionals access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in pre-hospital, trauma, emergency, and critical care. Their unique range of innovations and cost-effective emergency solutions support immobilization, patient transportation, and first-aid services; all of which ensure that emergency medical professionals are fully prepared and ready to handle any emergency or evacuation.

Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress

The company’s newest advancement, the Advanced Vacuum Mattress, is specifically designed to effectively immobilize and transport patients with vertebra, pelvis, or limb trauma. It is equipped with three foldable PVC canvases, each fitted with polystyrene beads that mold themselves around the patient’s body when placed on it. To immobilize the patient, simply pump the air out through the high-security, plastic valve, and then seal it. The resulting pressure forces the polystyrene beads together, which augments the Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress’ rigidity, allowing for effective immobilization.

Comfortably and securely holding the patient in place on the Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress is easily achieved thanks to four adjustable, patient-support straps. Transporting a patient is equally efficient: Emergency medical professionals can utilize any of its 12 handles to safely and quickly evacuate a patient to the hospital.

In addition to being X-ray translucent and easy-to-clean, it is fire-retardant and waterproof, making it an ideal tool to use in temperatures that range from -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The Quantum EMS Advanced Vacuum Mattress measures 106 inches long and 34.2 inches wide.

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