Thursday, January 12, 2017

Seconds Count, So Rely on Stat Tape For Accuracy

Picture this: You’re doing what you were trained as an emergency medical professional to do: Administer aid to patients. Sometimes, things get hectic and messy when doing this on-scene, making it extremely difficult to accurately document and transfer vital, patient-related information to the next emergency provider.

It’s even more difficult when different methods of organizing that information are introduced, as these methods may not be commonly shared by each and every emergency medical professional; that’s where Stat Tape, Patient Care’s usefulness is fully realized.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

Developed by a former Marine and an experienced paramedic, Alex Cope, Stat Tape, Patient Care is light, mobile, and easy-to-implement into any current, emergency-care protocol. Cope’s pioneering vision grew out of his innovative perceptiveness while on the job. He noticed that many medics would arrive at the hospital with numbers scribbled on a piece of tape on their legs, and then struggle to decipher what was written. This led to guessing, frustration, and even worse, wasted time.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

“I knew there had to be an easier way for medics to transfer information without guessing vitals. Thus, Stat Tape was born,” Cope said. “It cuts down on liability with hospitals, helps medics do their job, and (to manage) patient-care reports effectively. And ultimately, (it) helps the patient get 100% accurate treatment.”

Stat Tape, Patient Care

Cope’s vision took just three months to realize, from concept to completion. Stat Tape, Patient Care is the most common version used for most paramedics and EMTs. It aides the medic in documenting patient care from initial assessment, to SAMPLE history, and two sets of vitals (all on one 12-inch strip). Two other Stat Tape options are available, as well: Mega Code, which aids the medic or EMT during a cardiac arrest and the Trauma Triage, which is used for mass-casualty situations or any trauma-related call.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

The three-inch-wide, adhesive, hypoallergenic Stat Tape, Patient Care is perfectly suited for anyone who needs to transfer patients under duress, when every second could mean the difference between life and death. The Stat Tape, Patient Care’s printed template is designed to accommodate accurate, patient-related documentation, ensuring that this information can be quickly and accurately recorded, all while remaining with the patient throughout the transfer.

Stat Tape, Patient Care

To use it, simply tear away a section of the tape, stick it to your leg, and then record the patient’s vitals on the provided preprinted template (any pen will do). Next, attach the tape to the patient, which allows all pertinent, patient-related information to efficiently travel with the patient to his or her next level of care.

“Bottom line: Using Stat Tape, Patient Care made me a better medic,” Cope said.

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