Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quick-Pik Six-inch Shove Knife

The versatile, cleverly designed EMI Quick-Pik Six-inch Shove Knife is an ideal tool for easily opening interior, residential, or office doors without dealing out too much damage to them in the process. Here’s why and how:

Crafted of semi-rigid, 10-guage steel, the EMI Quick-Pik Six-inch Shove Knife features an indented end designed specifically to release simple, “key-in-knob” locks, and it is effective from either side of a door. When dealing with inward-swinging doors (away from you), just insert the thin, flexible Quick-Pik blade behind the molding stop and push or slide the blade to retract the latch.

To use the knife on outwardly swinging doors (toward you) simply slip the knife in from below or above the latch point. Once in place, jiggle and pull the knife in order to hook and retract the latch. When not in use, a two-piece protective sleeve covers the blade to ensure maximum safety. Additionally, it is considered to be an excellent training tool, as it is extensively used in fire towers by first responders to learn how to correctly slip spring-latch locks.

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