Friday, June 24, 2016

Get Tactical EMS Gear at theEMSstore

If you need tactical EMS gear, look no further than theEMSstore: We’re a reliable, trusted source for all your tactical-related gear. Take a look below for some of our top selections:

Need to stop bleeding fast? The ZMedica QuickClot 1st Response Advanced Clotting Sponge features an outstanding hemostatic agent designed to do just that. Packaged for convenient use by first responders, it is ideal for treating patients at accident scenes, crimes, fires, and other emergencies. The ZMedica QuickClot 1st Response Advanced Clotting Sponge will conform to the shape of a wound, and it can be easily removed later at the hospital.

Attempting to treat a patient who’s sustained penetrating chest trauma? The Teleflex Medical Asherman Chest Seal can safely treat tension pneumothorax and simple pneumothorax injuries caused by this type of trauma. It features a unique, one-way valve that is designed to allow blood and air escape while preventing its re-entry. The Teleflex Medical Asherman Chest Seal has no sizing requirements, and it is sold in quantities of 10 per box or individually.

Offering a number of different uses that are designed to treat a wide variety of life-threatening injuries, the SWAT-T Tourniquet uniquely addresses the needs of the military and civilian Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams. Able to stretch, wrap, and tuck, it allows a quick, efficient means of controlling bleeding, allowing application higher into the groin and axilla compared to other tourniquets. Operating as a tourniquet, pressure dressing, and an elastic bandage, its ease of application stands as one of its most lucrative benefits: It can be applied within seconds, even by individuals with little to no prior training.

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