Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Heart Healthy

February is American Heart Month. According to the CDC, "Uncontrolled high blood pressure is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke. In fact, more than 67 million Americans have high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are 4 times more likely to die from a stroke and 3 times more likely to die from heart disease, compared to those with normal blood pressure.
High blood pressure often shows no signs or symptoms, which is why having your blood pressure checked regularly is important."
Well, at theEMSstore we've got a few items that will help make sure you can properly monitor your blood pressure so that won't be a problem for you. 

Primacare: Blood Pressure Kit

For only 11.99 you can't beat this. 

Conveniently packaged together this kit contains a black single head chestpiece stethoscope, navy adult blood pressure cuff, instruction sheet, and black Leatherette carry case. 

  • Regulator constructed of lightweight metal
  • Regulator range of 0-300mm hg
  • Latex bladder and tubing inflation system
  • Twist air release valve
  • Washable nylon blood pressure cuff
  • Single black tubing stethoscope design
  • Chrome plated chest piece
  • Pediatric and adult sizes available
  • Economical and lightweight
  • Hospital tested and clinically accurate
The blood pressure cuff is hospital tested and clinically accurate ensuring you the highest level of quality and precision.  A twist air release valve guides the user’s accuracy. 
The stethoscope is a lightweight single chest piece, single tubing design which offers a economical alternative to more expensive stethoscopes.  Chrome plated chestpiece offers lightweight design and affordability.
Available in pediatric and adult sizes.

Devon Medical: Wrist BP Monitor

This easy-to-read, automated Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff is perfect for fire and law enforcement professionals who want to have a back-up BP monitor available on the scene. This device measures and tracks blood pressure and heart rate readings with comfort and ease.


You can find plenty other blood pressure related products on our site. Be sure to take some time this month to check yourself and be the most heart-healthy you can. 

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