Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rocky Alpha Force Boots on Sale!

The Rocky Alpha Force 8" Mens Boots are currently on sale and we want you to know about it!

These are a great option for a work boot when you're needed to report for duty protected and in style.

The big key feature here of these boots are the built-in waterproof construction, making sure your feet stay dry on the scene and off the scene. The special waterproof inner layer provides a special barrier that keeps water from entering your boot. If you're someone who keeps those work boots on for long periods of time, the last thing you want to be doing is walking around with damp or drenched feet. With the Alpha Force Boots, this will never be an issue!

Comfort will not be sacrificed when wearing The Alpha Force, oh no, not with an insole made from a contoured, removable polyurethane cushion. The material in the back of the boot is extra thick for those who put a lot of weight in your heels, keeping the ease off your feet.

The side-zipper feature of this boot makes them a fast on/off when you're needed in a hurry. No time for tying, no problem!

The special oil and slip resistant TigiTrac Outsole keeps you extra safe on those unsure-surfaces while being non-marking, too. No messy black streaks on the floor!

So, get your Rocky Alpha Force 8" Boots today, in widths Medium to Wide and sizes 7-14. There's sure to be the perfect fit for you.

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