Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Product Feature: Zico Quick Release Cylinder Lift

Zico is at it, making your job easier once again, with the Quick Release Cylinder Lift! Making the job of putting up to a 200lb cylinder in the ambulance a task that anyone can do in a flash. 

The Quick Release Cylinder Lift raises and lowers cylinders "M" through "J" with a maximum lifting capacity of 200lbs. 

The automatic lift and lower of the gas cylinder happens with the touch of a switch, this way we're dealing with no back strains and injuries while fumbling a heavy cylinder into the ambulance. With a simple strap of the bottle in place, you raise it into the compartment. Once secured, you easily loosen the strap and pull the cart back. The great thing about this lift is it's ability to reach into the deepest of compartments.

The Zico Quick Release Cylinder lift operates off a supplied 12v battery, and the charger is indeed included with the purchase of the unit.

This helpful video shows exactly how the bottle lift will make your life easier. Give it a look!

You can purchase your Zico Quick Release Cylinder Lift on our website now, and will ship direct from the manufacturer.

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