Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Product Feature: StatPacks G2 High Visibility EMS Vest

The StatPacks G2 High Visibility EMS vest is awesome when the highest visibility is important to you, with the addition of storage and removable name plates. We are proud that we are StatPacks best distributor of the G2 High Viz safety vests, too!

These G2 Vests packed with ample storage help you to keep personal and medical equipment close at hand when you need it most.  The one adjustable size fits everyone on the staff comfortably so it can be passed between people, saving your department money! 

The Vest/Pack is a great ergonomic alternative when medics cannot physically (or choose not to!) wear a backpack. 

  • One-size fits-all with a 5 point Velcro break away system on the shoulders, front, and sides
  • Organizing pockets for equipment, pens and scissors
  • Radio/cell phone webbing attachment points
  • Removable name plates on front and back for identification of personnel
  • Front/Back reflective taping for extra night time safety
  • LED light Attachment point (lights sold separately)
  • Weight:1 lb
Vest sold with "EMS" name plate, add a replacement name plate to your order for customizing the vest.

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