Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Product Feature: Simulaids Deluxe IV Training Arm

The New full arm IV trainer is the perfect addition to your training tools! It gives unlimited access to the major veins in the arms and hand, and a deltoid IM injection site, too.

The features are as follows:
  • Supple but durable PVC “skin” material replicates the texture and feel of human skin
  • Student can palpate the skin and underlying structure to properly locate injection or withdrawal sites
  • When the vein is located and the needle inserted, blood may be drawn or fluid injected.
  • Both Arm and Hand are made to withstand repeated use.
  • Inexpensive replacement skin, veins, and injection sites make these trainers highly cost-effective.
All the features of the new Simulaids Deluxe IV Training Arm allow students to get the best practice with various area skills all on the same arm, therefore reducing the costs of training materials. Antecubital, basilic and cephalic sites, coupled with the dorsal metacarpal veins are all accessibe and realistic to boot in the arm trainer. 

The IM site contains a foam pad designed to be squeezed out and dried for multiple re-uses. This unit also includes blood reservoirs and a supply of blood. Inexpensive skin, veins and enjection site can be easily replaced in the field.

The Simulaids Deluxe IV Training Arm includes two blood reservoirs, blood powder, carry bag, and tray. 

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