Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Product Feature: EMS Field Guide, ALS Version

The original EMS Field Guide has now grown into the most used and referenced field guild in EMS history! For only $21.95 you can get yourself one of these handy guides that makes it easy for Paramedics, nurses, physicians, etc to look up their patients' medications, check drug doses, and quickly interpret 12 Lead EKGs and much more.

At only 3"x5"it easily fits in your pocket for convenience and easy accessibility! With it's color-coded tabs it makes locating information simple as can be. It's waterproof and durable.

The EMS Field Guide Features:

  • Current ACLS Algorithms
  • 12-Lead ECG Section & Acute MI Airway
  • Management / RSI
  • Top Prescription Drugs
  • 82 Emergency & ACLS Drugs
  • IV Drips, Drug Infusions, Dosages
  • Poisons & Overdose
  • Medical Emergencies Section
  • Fibrinolytics for AMI & Stroke / CVA
  • Childbirth, Diabetic, Respiratory Distress
  • Pediatric Resuscitation, Drug Doses, Vitals
  • Trauma, Triage, MCI, Glasgow Coma Scales
  • Burn Charts, the "Rule of 9s"
  • Pulse Oximetry, Infectious Diseases
  • Quick EMS Spanish Translations
  • Lab Values, Metrics, Notes
Get your EMS Field Guide, today!

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