Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On Scene Review: SemperForce Nitrile Exam Gloves

About our reviewer, Kelly Lamkin: I have been in EMS for 21+ years. During that time I have been a medic for 17 years and I have worked as a career fire/medic for 5 years. While with the fire department I achieved the level of lieutenant. Currently I working as a chase medic in both Lancaster and Chester Counties (PA). I love prehospital medicine and all that goes along with it except the crazy long hours. For that reason I have decided to go back to school and I will be finishing my RN by the end of 2013. 


I have used various types of gloves through out my 17 year Paramedic career. These SemperForce Nitrile Exam Gloves provided great durability in the various environments of emergency medicine, yet they provide enough sensitivity to feel the patient pulse. 

The gloves are very sleek and form fitting to my hands and they do not leave a nasty plastic odor on your hands at the end of the call. The only downside to the black color is you can not tell what type or color of fluid is on your gloves unless you have a towel near by to wipe off your gloves (i.e. blood vs. sweat).

Overall, the gloves worked well, but black would not be my color preference. 

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