Thursday, February 7, 2013

On Scene Review: Taylor Healthcare Titan Bariatric Mover

About our Reviewer: I’m Scot A. Kreger PHRN. I started in EMS in 1984 as an Army Medic stationed at Ft. Ritchie, Md. While serving at Ft. Ritchie I obtained my Emergency Medical Technician.  Shortly after my discharge from the Army 1987 I became a Paramedic . In 2004 I graduated from Delaware County Community College with my Nursing Degree and started working at Brandywine Hospital. After 2 years of working in the Emergency Department I transferred to Medic 93 where I currently work for BWH.  So all told I have 30 years Emergency Medical Service experience. 

Are you looking for an affordable, heavy duty, durable mega lifter? Something that can withstand the rigors of either everyday use or something that can be folded up and stored for weeks but is dependable when you need it? Then you’ve got to try the Taylor Titan Soft Stretcher.
I’ve used it on several bariatric patients, either to help lift them up from the floor to a bed so we could sit them up, or as a transfer sheet. You just have to have enough manpower to grab the canvas handles and pull or lift the patient from one stretcher to the other.

When I was finished it is easy to clean, and I used a couple of cleansing wipes from the hospital, then folded it back up and was ready for the next use. It has enough handles and places to grab that 8 to 12 men can grab hold of it and move a bariatric patient without hurting themselves, the patient or worrying about the Titan Soft Stretcher falling apart.

If you’re worried about storing the Taylor Titan, don't! It folds up and is soft enough to store just about anywhere on your ambulance. Of course there is one drawback, and that is it can be tough getting it squeezed back into the carrying case that's included after use.

Overall, the Taylor Titan Soft Stretcher is one I would recommend.

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