Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Product Feature: Prodaptive STAL Shield Contamination Protection

As EMS, you have not only the responsibility of your patients health, but the responsibility to keep yourselves safe, too. The Prodaptive STAL Shield Contamination Protection is another great tool to keep you safe from contamination on the scene.

The STAL Shield is there to give maximum protection to healthcare workers on the front lines. Dealing with patients airways in emergency situations is always a high risk to the care providers due to airborne particles created from coughing, gagging, or even breathing. Whenever the patient is suctioned, the risk increases.

The STAL Shield helps the patient, while protecting you. It improves the cleanliness of your medical setting, and cleanliness and health is key. Each STAL Shield is a single use device, measures 4.5" x 5, is a natural adaption to the traditional Yankauer suction wand, with clear construction for easy viewing.
According to our website: 

The Stal Shield significantly reduces contamination from the source by:
  • Effectively blocking it’s trajectory.
  • Keeping the contaminated Yankauer clear of the clean field
  • Keeping the soiled field away from the Yankauer
  • Limiting the soiling of the Yankauer to it’s distal half
  • Providing significant resistance to the Yankauer being dragged off its resting surface
  • Crystal clear construction allowing for unfettered visualization

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