Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Product Feature: Dickies EMT Pants

There's a professional look that EMT's like to keep for on the job, and that look can be completed with the Dickies EMT Pants we have available on our website, now.

Some of the best EMT pants on the market, unhemmed so you can get that perfect fit, and available in size 28"-50", we're sure to have the most comfortable fit and feel for you.

Available in black and midnight colors, with a great permanent press postcured finish, triple grip waistband and reinforced knees for extra protection and durability! These pants have two cargo pants with hidden zippers, perfect for your notepad or other essential odds n ends, a tool pocket with heavy duty loops, and made with a special EZ-touch StayDark Technology.

Look no further for the perfect fit EMT pant, both durable and professional--tough enough to withstand the unknowns in this field.

Shop our Dickies EMT Pants, today!

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