Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Product Feature: EcoLab S.A.L.T. Airway Layrngopharyngeal Tube

We're here to bring you yet another great and innovative EMS product that's sure to make your life easier on the scene; the EcoLab S.A.L.T. Airway Layrngopharyngeal Tube

It's the latest advance in achieving faster, easier endotracheal intubation because there's no need to stop CPR to intubate. It's fast, safe, and effective, reduces procedure time, low cost, and easy to train on. 

With features such as tactile ridges and device midline indicator, it's ideal for easy insertion in low light environments. It includes an ET tube clip, latex-free securing strap, enhanced glottic guide plus a lubricating water soluble gel pack.

This little single-use S.A.L.T is a simple, yet must-have addition to your bag!

Sold individually or in a 10/case, check it out!

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