Thursday, July 27, 2017

The IRON Offers Cutting-Edge Lighting

No matter if you work the day shift or the night shift, it’s always a possibility that you could end up in a dark place: Whether searching for an overturned vehicle that careened off the highway overnight or exploring cavernous pits in search of a family’s missing pet, a reliable flashlight is a critically important tool for any first responder. So always be prepared for whatever comes your way on-scene with the new LED Lenser i9 IRON Rechargeable Flashlight: It combines the power of lenses with that of reflectors to create an overwhelmingly efficient outcome. Here’s how:

LED Lenser i9 IRON Rechargeable Flashlight

The LED Lenser i9 IRON Rechargeable Flashlight’s patented Advanced Focus System (AFS), the newest technological advance from LED Lenser, allows a seamless transition from a homogeneous low beam to a sharply focused high beam. Its ultra-bright light output is via its new CREE® LED chips, and it is hard-pressed to be outshined by any other light currently found on the market. To maximize the efficiency of the AFS, LED Lenser completely redesigned the i9 IRON Rechargeable Flashlight’s patented Reflector – Lens to compliment its high-powered LEDs.

Whether you need a bright spot beam for long-distance viewing or cleaner, wider-light distribution for up-close illumination, the LED Lenser i9 IRON Rechargeable Flashlight can more than accommodate these tasks. This durable light can withstand and thrive in even the most inclement of weather conditions: Thanks to its new “Frozen Black” textured coating, you can enjoy an improved, comfortable grip, which allows it to be easily handled with bare hands or while wearing gloves. Some additional specs and features include the following:

  • dynamic front switch
  • two power modes
  • fully rechargeable
  • charging base sled for mounting options included
  • USB connection (i9R)
  • water-resistant
  • robust metal housing
  • length: 6.2 inches (15.8 centimeters)
  • weight: 9.5 ounces (260 grams)
  • battery type: 1 x Li-FePO4

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