Thursday, May 4, 2017

Go Hands-On With the Z-Medica Control Kit

As medical treatments become more efficient, armed conflicts increase in number, and civil events become more susceptible to chaos, the need for effective hemorrhage control has become a critically important issue among emergency medical professionals. As a result, medical, government, and other related markets are mandating more reliable ways to control bleeding and avoid hemorrhages, thereby saving more lives.

Z-Medica, LLC, a leading developer and marketer of hemostatic devices, is committed to meeting this demand by ensuring emergency medical professionals have the proper training they need prior to going out into the field, which is why they have developed the new Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit.

Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit

This excellent, hands-on training tool presents multiple wound patterns and comes with IO QuikClot® Combat Gauze® LE Moulage Trainer as well as five QuikClot® Combat Gauze® LE for demonstration/training purposes. The Z-Medica Hemorrhage Control Training Kit provides a platform for learning hemorrhage control / wound-packing techniques used in conjunction with effective application of combat-gauze products. It greatly assists trainees in developing crucially important muscle memory along with an intricate understanding of the mechanical aspects associated with wound packing.

This unique training system fosters the development of critical motor skills needed to effectively utilize new hemostatic gauzes by using visual cues to create what is known as “bio-feedback”, which has been shown to quickly develop skills equivalent to that found using live animal testing while avoiding the use of animals. Medics that have trained on both have stated they have the same skill level and retention on both; the advantage going to this training unit for its ease of use, portability, and cost savings.

All QuikClot® products have passed biocompatibility testing and do not have any animal- or human-derived proteins or shellfish products associated with them, thereby rendering them safe and effective. Additionally, another advantage QuikClot® products have over other hemostatic devices is kaolin: a naturally occurring, inorganic mineral that has no known allergic or exothermic reactions.

Once an end user has successfully completed the web-based training program, it is recommended that he or she performs a practical demonstration of his or her skills under the tutelage of a qualified instructor.

Be sure to implement this essential choice for hemorrhage control into your training. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

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