Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Train to Be Prepared With the Z-Medica QuikClot

Trauma is costly: It’s a major cause of death and disability and the second-most-expensive healthcare problem in the U.S. While you may have already known that, were you aware that approximately 40% of trauma-related deaths are due to bleeding or its consequences, with hemorrhaging being the most-common cause of preventable death in trauma? That’s where QuikClot devices come into play: When applied with manual pressure, they promote immediate clotting upon application, thereby helping you to save more lives. But before you get out on-scene and save lives, you need proper training; the Z-Medica QuikClot Combat Gauze® Moulage Trainer is the perfect tool to ensure you get the critical training you need. Here’s why:

Z-Medica QuikClot Combat Gauze® Moulage Trainer

Exclusively designed for simulated training only, the Z-Medica QuikClot Combat Gauze® Moulage Trainer replicates the unique feel of authentic QuikClot Combat Gauze®, which makes it an excellent, hands-on training resource for treating simulated casualties. It is ideal for use with artificial blood; the combination allows a trainee to experience the authentic feel of dealing with such traumas on-scene.

From a teaching standpoint, the Z-Medica QuikClot Combat Gauze® Moulage Trainer is conducive to allowing trained emergency responders, who are authorized by federal, state, and/or local policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, protocols, and/or laws, to properly and thoroughly train personnel on its proper application, due in part to its completely inert composition. This is critical, seeing as how proper training directly translates to readiness in the field and top performance when faced with life-threatening challenges on-scene.

Be prepared; train well. For more information and to get yours, be sure to visit

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