Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Ergodyne Trauma Bag: Ideal for First Responders

Ergodyne’s pioneering focus is as straightforward as it is critically important: Provide innovative, well-constructed safety gear and training solutions that are rigorously tested and precision-crafted to effectively manage the elements, improve productivity, and provide protection to the professionals that utilize them each and every day.

During an emergency, you need to react and assess accordingly. A great way to do that is to be prepared. The Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag is a great way for emergency medical professionals to stay prepared and ready for anything that happens while on-scene. Along with providing ample storage space for large trauma kits and other essential, first-response equipment, it allows quick, easy access to it when needed. Here’s how you can use it to increase your emergency readiness:

Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag

The Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag measures 19-inches-long by 12-inches-wide by 8.5-inches-high, which results in 1,728-cubic-inches of spacious storage. Constructed of 600D polyester with reinforced backing that provides excellent abrasion and puncture resistance, you can customize your gear to best suit your needs with its 14-inch-long by 12-inch-wide by 8.5-inch-high main compartment. Adjustable internal dividers compliment the Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag’s main compartment extremely well, as you are able to compartamentalize your essential equipment so you can access it when needed.

Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag

Additional storage options for your essential equipment can be found in the bag’s side pockets. If minimal light is available on-scene, you can be assured you’ll be seen thanks to a reflective stripe found on each pocket that greatly enhances visibility. Additional specs include the following:

  • industrial-grade, double-pull zippers with improved pull tabs allow secure locking and provide reliable performance over the long haul
  • a wide, fold-down opening allows for quick, easy access to your equipment inside the main compartment
  • the bag is available in either a blue or orange color scheme

Ergodyne Arsenal Large Trauma Bag

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