Friday, March 4, 2016

StatPacks: G3 Med Slinger Sport Pack

The versatile StatPacksG3 Med Slinger Sport Pack offers a number of useful features designed to assist medics with the performance of their duties. Read on to learn more.

The Tarpaulin-constructed Med Slinger can be used as a personal gear bag or a medical equipment pack. Efficient and ergonomic, the pack quickly slings off and on for easy wearing, offering medics a comfortable alternative to wearing double shoulder-strap packs.

The pack has a carrying capacity of 1400 square inches, and it weighs in at two pounds. A single, foam-molded shoulder strap permits comfortable transport of most emergency medical equipment. The sling’s unique design allows the wearer to swing the pack to the front for quick access to its contents without removing the pack.

Its unique design features access to two efficiently organized compartments that have transparent, mesh pockets designed for quick viewing. Additionally, the pack has an LED light attachment point and a unique, foam-lined design that keeps all Emergency Medical Equipment contained within protected from damage and the elements.

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