Wednesday, October 7, 2015

StatPacks on Clearance

We've got four great StatPacks products on clearance at theEMSstore. StatPacks is known for changing the way emergency clinicians think about carrying their gear. Featuring intelligent design combined with advanced ergonomics, StatPacks thrives at making smart, compact packs to reduce injury, while improving efficiency on the scene. 

The G1 Load N' Go EMS Pack is one of the packs on clearance, so let's check it out in more detail.

Available in Blood-Borne Pathogen Resistant (BBPR) material (shown above), or non-BBPR.

As the name implies, the Load N' Go is the ideal pack for critical care transport in fixed-wing aircrafts, ambulances, fire engines, patrol cars, or wherever storage space is sparse and immediate access is critical. This pack keeps equipment extremely organized and quickly accessible.

The transparent sleeves allow you to see everything at a glance, while the mesh pockets and elastic holsters are arranged in three layers to let you load and quickly access your choice of modules. The hybrid design makes the G1 a truly comfortable, well-supported, compact backpack. Its adjustable, padded, and contoured shoulder straps keep you comfortable and secure. The soft handle at the top allows the bag to be easily stowed, retrieved, or carried over shorter distances by hand. 


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