Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Popular Bags for EMS Providers

We know that  Emergency Medical Services personnel like to keep medical bags in their personal vehicles for those unexpected emergencies that may arise, to always be prepared and ready. You may even be an EMS provider who uses your own car to travel to emergency scenes and so having a bag on hand full of medical supplies is a must for you.

We know that a medical bag can't hold all of the equipment that an ambulance can, but in a pinch, it will provide you with a sufficient amount of good tools to make emergency treatment available for those in need.

We'll tell you about some of the great bag options we have for you so you can be prepared on the go.

EMI: Flat-Pac EMS Response Kit

This Flat Pac EMS Response Kit is a great little bag that's full of basic life-saving tools and supplies for when you're first on the scene. It's easy to keep in your car, as it's a durable, full-zippered Cordura nylon bag and opens up flat so you can see everything at once and have access to all your supplies.  It includes a great assortment of basic supplies as you can see below: 

Available in either Navy or Hi-Vis Orange, the Flat Pac is a great option for you.

If you're looking for a little bit more, the 5.11 Responder BLS 2000 Bag may be a good option for you. This is definitely a heftier bag, but a great option to grab by the handle, sling over your shoulder, and go save some lives. This bag features Stadium Organization with a main compartment and large external pockets that open all the way for the best visibility. This is the bag you'll fill with all your own favorite life-saving products, and equip exactly how you like it.

This bag is big enough to carry your oxygen bottle and is accessible by a side "garage door" without even having to open the main compartment. This bag can carry a bit more, for those of you who like it all at your fingertips, the Responder 2000 is a good choice.

If you're more into the easy one-shoulder backpack, the G1 MedSlinger by StatPacks might appeal to you.

From two of our reviewers who use this bag: 

Respected Statpacks quality -- an easy bag to fill and carry for first responses -- can put all essential evaluation tools inside -- easier to carry than jump bag on first entry. -Bob, VA

Bag was bigger than I thought it would be and I'm so happy with the number of pockets for all my first aid supplies. Can't wait to get the IV module that fits in it to keep my catheters, tubing and fluids organized too! -Meg, AZ

The sling style lets you simply swing the pack to the front for the fastest access to your medical supplies when on the scene. The two main compartments are transparent and allow you to keep all your gear organized so you're not left to scramble around looking when there's no time to waste.

This shoulder pack, available in red or black, would be a great bag for your car or on-the-go before the ambulance arrives.


Check out all our great bag options on theEMSstore today and have fun picking what will best suit you!

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