Thursday, June 25, 2015

MDI Full Body Mattress

MDI's EMS Immobile-VAC Full Body Vacuum mattress is a lightweight and durable immobilization system that's the new standard in care. 

With the Full Body Vacuum Mattress you can be sure that you'll give your patient the required immobilization and support without placing any unnecessary pressure on the injury site.

When using this product, no additional padding is required, as the mattress will automatically contour to the patient's body shape, providing maximum comfort and avoiding pain that can be common with back boards. This is the ideal solution for your elderly patients and long transports.

The heavy duty mattress handles are made with a comfortable grip and designed to transfer the patient weight to the straps for an even carry. The Immobile VAC System is made for easy clean-up as all parts are removable. 

This simple, yet highly effective aid for comfortable immobilization has been developed and tested throughout the world. Now, it's time for your department to try it.

Find the MDI Full Body Mattress at theEMSstore. 

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